Save Old Yankee Stadium

Updated: September 13, 2008



They’re DROOLING in

New York’s City Hall

and down in Tampa

Steinbrenners’ Clan

how they’ll divide

all the LOOT

From selling off every square inch of OLD Yankee Stadium. We won’t even bother with the ABSURDITY of what people will pay for almost nothing in the false hope they can resell it and make a Bundle. Instead we as usual will go to the HEART of this matter the upcoming dismantling of the OLD Yankee Stadium. What it says about those involved and how with a little imagination and some OLD fashion integrity (what’s that) – yes we know we are talking about team owners and politicians here – still so so much good could be done IF ANYONE really gave a DAMN.

NO surprise the Yankees ( and the Mets as well ) opening the two NEWEST ballparks in these United States next year Taj Mahals of Baseball with every thing the rich and powerful could desire in a NEW baseball stadium – and with loads of monetary assistance from the City of New York they are doing virtually NOTHING for youth Baseball in NYC in return.

Sure the usual self-serving BULLSHIT a donation here a donation there YES a few free tickets in the bleachers as said the usual BULLSHIT all the rich owners “throw in” like they would put something down the toilet bowl. Of course with NO complaints from the Good Mayor and other elected officials. They will get their FREE seats and parking privileges. No complaints from them.

But New York City youth Baseball which has become a backwater a JOKE when it once reigned supreme the envy of all many years go producing some of the best talent. If we lived on another planet in a very different universe there is NO doubt logic and fairness would have had the Yankees (and Mets) build youth complexes near their NEW stadia Baseball Academies the kind MLB and all the teams build by the dozens all over Latin America most of all the Dominican Republic.

Which brings us back to the OLD

Yankee Stadium scheduled for

DEMOLITION later this year

YES the Yankees and NYC are planning to build a small amount of parkland nearby maybe they will to male up for the larger amount they took for the NEW stadium even put a small ball field and some seats practically on the site of the OLD Yankee Stadium. THINK ABOUT THAT.

Rather than preserve just a small portion of HISTORIC Yankee Stadium called the most famous stadium on Earth – rather than preserving the actual field, the lower level box seats, the foul poles, dugouts and clubhouses so that college teams, high school teams. Little Leaguers and others playing Baseball in New York City can have the AWESOME experience of playing on the actual legendary Yankee Baseball Diamond, sitting in the same dugouts, dressing in the same clubhouses and fans sitting in the exact and BEST seats on the House that Ruth build instead …….

ALL that will be demolished and in about the same spot another baseball diamond will be constructed for the “community” a non-descript plain vanilla sandlot type diamond that will only appeal to local kids playing pick up games if that. WHO O WHY ??? We already gave you the answer ..

BECAUSE the Yankee owners the Steinbrenners and Billionaire Mayor Mike are experiencing continuos orgasms from all the Dough they will get by selling everyone of those seats, everything in the dugouts, and every last inch of the clubhouses. For the Steinbrenners in the simple name of GREED and the City using the CON of paying for the new community park. It is all BS.

One more endless example

of GREED in Sports and

pliant STUPID gov’t

officials everywhere

NO vision NO care

about youngsters

NO concern for

preserving our


always only

about the