Rising Star Darryl Clark Quarterback

Updated: September 26, 2008


We’ll know better LATE

Saturday night IF Penn State

will move into the Top 10

Sunday following USC’s

SHOCKING loss beaten

by Oregon State

Thursday nite

As always here in the Black Box we are focused on the Black Quarterback watch. Right now high on that Watch List is Junior yes Junior Penn State Quarterback Daryll Clark who has led Penn State to 4-0 up until now and #12 in the AP Poll. After winning the QB job.

ABC seems to understand how well Penn State is doing. Penn State vs. Illinois #22 is the featured national broadcast Saturday evening 8PM Eastern time. It is an interesting choice #12 vs. #22 rather than more highly rated teams. It is certainly good for ALL of us. We get to see one of the too few HOT Black Quarterback’s in NCAA Division 1.

Last week Penn State’s Nifty Lions SLAMMED Temple 45-3. Earlier GUESS who SLAUGHTERED Oregon State YES the very same Oregon State who upset formerly #1 and undefeated USC. Penn State wiped out Oregon State 45-14 earlier. Likewise Coastal Carolina 66-10 and good old Syracuse 55-13.

Penn State is a MONSTER

this season so far LED by

Black QB Daryll Clark

Yet we all know as USC just learned a team is only as good as their NEXT game especially atop the NCAA in the rarefied territory of those DREAMING of a National Championship. Ooops we said it. We need to take it back. Forget we said it. It’s BAD luck as you know. And we’re the first to slip with that outrageous thought Penn State National Champions !!

Could you imagine LED by their African American Quarterback Daryll Clark. Hold on slow down first there is Illinois Saturday night. By Sunday morning this could all be a Fairy Tale. Fact is Illinois is Penn State’s toughest opponent so far in 2008. It remains to be seen if they can do to the Fighting Illini ( that’s their name ) what they did to their first 4 opponents.

Up until now Penn State has averaged 52.8 points per game, 274.2 yards rushing and our favorite 264.2 yards passing per game. Did we say 264 yards passing Daryll !! Clark leads the Big Ten in passing efficiency with his 166.1 rating.

Each of these state puts the Nifty Lions among the best in the nation. As for Young Mister Clark he is completing 61.5 % of his passes for 715 passing yards, 7 TDs and only 1 interception. Yes a group of outstanding Wide Receivers are very much aiding his Cause.

This will be quite a game

at HAPPY Valley where

Penn State plays enjoy

it all but keep your

EYES glued on

QB Daryll Clark

4 games down

8 more to go

12-0 means


Heisman ?