Part 2 The Express Perfect Christmas Gift

Updated: September 24, 2008


WHAT Christmas already

yes it is if you are planning

ahead and you should be

if you are marketing

The Express

The Express the mesmerizing new movie about the life and times of The Late Ernie Davis won’t even hit theatres for more than another two weeks opening October 10th. But as good as this flick is it will be labeled a SPORTS movie and in theatre release will not transcend that tag as it should which will very much limit the size of the audience that will come out to see it.

As had been the case with other films

DVD rental and sales are another

story The Express can be

this year’s prefect Christmas

DVD if “they” listen up

Here in the Box we are so enthusiastic about the movie’s potential as a DVD release without receiving any compensation but let’s hope for lots of advertising on BASN’s Website – we’re letting Universal Studios, who has released The Express, know what to do this Christmas.

First of all The Express is highly entertaining. The starting point for success. What makes it so appealing as a DVD is that in this format it can also be marketed for its educational, historic and social value in ways that don’t work trying to get people into theatres.

In other words The Express is a way to teach individuals especially young people about life, and race in America and the real meaning of Sports for those playing and watching. It’s one thing to say to your family or friends or your kids let’s spend $40-$50 Saturday and …….

…….. go to the movies together and see a film about human suffering and success and an intense experience about being Black in America AND SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT to buy a beautifully packaged DVD of movie that has received excellent reviews, that many people will hear about but not go see in a movie theatre. And give it as a Christmas or Holiday gift. Even better the DELUXE edition with actual historical footage and interviews with Jim Brown, and others who knew and played with Ernie Davis during his life.

Envision this

While millions who will NEVER go see The Express in a movie theatre we can visualize large groups of families and friends Black and/or White on Christmas evening or any night gathering around their BIG flat screen HD screen with surround sound and watching The Express. And the kids especially young boys going back and watching it again and again because this story has that kind of appeal as an emotion packed film about Sports and much more.

This film makes everyone think

about who and what we are

and what we want to be

There is also the fact we all should know that Ernie Davis was the FIRST African American to win the coveted Heisman Trophy even as other great Black college players before him including Jim Brown were denied the Heisman. The all White Heisman Committee and the Heisman voters could not and did not deny Ernie Davis The Elmira Express from Syracuse.

Talk about a marketing opportunity

The 2008 Heisman Trophy will be awarded at the very start of the Christmas shopping rush on Saturday, December 6th, in Lower Manhattan at theSports Museum of America, the new home of the Heisman. With many previous heisman winners assembled in New York City, Black & White what a unique opportunity to re-launch The Express on DVD for Christmas.

The Express deserves to live on

to be seen by millions upon

millions of Americans

young and older as

only it will be on

DVD released at


take a look

imagine it

on DVD