Part 1 Best Sports Movie Ever

Updated: September 22, 2008


You have probably not

been lucky enough to have

seen The Express yet it

won’t open until 10/10

but The Box has

One way to quickly judge a new movie. Does it keep your attention. Are you fully engaged from the very start to the last moment. That is the first and easiest test in judging if any movie deserves the title “great.” The Express passes that test superbly. There is no one who will be bored or distracted by The Express. Not for one moment. Whether you are a Sports fan or not.

The Express passes another test of “greatness.” The movie has an appeal that surpasses the specific nature of its subject Sports, or even more specifically Football, or even Ernie Davis whose life story this is. Call it meeting the Shakespeare test if you like. You will enjoy better be mesmerized by this Story no matter your background, interest or age. No matter your Race but in a fascinating way.

If you are African American The Express will overpower you inspire you enrage you in ways Caucasians can’t be. But if you are White or more broadly non-African American you will respond to this film differently but with no less passion. For African Americans this brilliantly directed and acted film is an affirmation of everything African Americans know about Life in general and Sports more specifically as a reflection of Life. For all others the film is an intense two hour experience of the Reality of Race and Sports in America as lived by Ernie Davis in the 1950s and 1960s uncovering aspects of American life lived by African Americans that transcends his era.

Another quality of a “great” movie is the range of emotions it elicits. In one way or another The Express travels the range of human emotion from sadness, to anger, to warmth, to laughter, to pride, to triumphant, to ecstasy, and back and forth between these core emotions through the eyes and the life of one man and the people and places that surrounded him during his brief life.

Another way to judge the “greatness” of a film is audience reaction. Most movies no matter how good they are do NOT provoke visible audible reaction during the film or at its end. The Express does so at any number of high points during the film and at its conclusion. Guaranteed when you go to see The Express you will hear cheering and clapping. Also sense the collective rage, disappointment, and joy and excitement of the audience at other times silently.

You will be one of those in the theatre doing so

when you go to see The Express

and you really must or miss

an experience that will

captivate you

Let me leave you in Part 1 of this examination of The Express with one more mark of “greatness.” One that few films ever have the capacity to reach. This film will re-define most of all intensify and elevate the life, the memory, the legend of Ernie Davis even far beyond where it already stands high above most other legendary Sports figures.

Even more what this film does is RAISE Ernie Davis and his Life and accomplishments way beyond the realm of Sports “transforming” Ernie Davis into a much more powerful and eternal role model and icon that his life story without the benefit of The Express was prior to this film. There is now Ernie Davis BEFORE and Ernie Davis AFTER The Express.

There is no way simply knowing

about Ernie Davis and his brief life

no matter how detailed anyone’s

knowledge of Davis might be

you cannot possibly understand

or fully appreciate Ernie Davis

as you will once you have

seen The Express that is

a mark of a “great” film

The Express opens 10/10

more to follow ….