Our Letter To Daunte Culpepper What Exactly Is Your Point

Updated: September 6, 2008


Have you read Daunte Culpepper’s

SOB retirement letter he has

BLASTED all over the

Internet this week at

BASN and all over

it’s a real tear


Daunte Culpepper calls it his RETIREMENT announcement. Turns out he does not feel LOVED in the NFL so now at only 31 he is taking his football and going home to Sulk. Just what we need a Black QUARTERBACK quitting the game.

Seems Daunte feels offended the Vikings dropped him. They now may have of a better certainly younger BLACK Quarterback Tavaris Jackson who is NOT closing in on the NFL fumble record for NFL Quarterbacks as Culpepper is with 93 fumbles in 92 games.

NOT to say that Culpepper is not good HE IS VERY GOOD that is the Point. In his career so far Culpepper has thrown for 22,422 yards and 142 TouchDowns and played in three Pro Bowls. Not the record of a Loser but apparently that is the the label Daunte wants for himself with his very bitter letter below the surface anyway.

The real problems are 1) Daunte Culpepper wanted to be his own agent which just does not work in the NFL. Yes there are good agents and lousy agents but being your own agent doesn’t do you any good as Culpepper proved with the kind of interest in him.

But there is a far bigger problem Culpepper refuses to face 2) the BRUTAL even “unfair” careers Quarterbacks face in the NFL. While the position is more exalted than any other in any Sport the expectations and the lack of tolerance for failure is “great.”

When you get beyond the Golden Arm few like the Mannings, Favre, etc. the elite top 10% of Quarterbacks everyone one else in the NFL playing QB seems vulnerable to replacement. NO it may not be a good system for those who want to be “loved” and YES it is worse for African Americans Quarterbacks still not FULLY accepted in the NFL.

Now take a look at the difference between Culpepper and Byron Leftwich. He was devastated to get dumped by the Jacksonville Jaguars just before the start of the 2006 season summarily released without warning and replaced by another BLACK Quarterback David Garrard.

Leftwich got picked up by the Atlanta Falcons who dumped him after one season now he has come back again as Pittsburgh’s Backup Quarterback. Leftwich is NOT giving up. Hopeful if not hoping if anything happens to the Steelers Starting QB Ben Rothlisberger he will Start again. Maybe better get a Starting Quarterback position with another NFL team next season after a disastrous 2008 season with their current QB who then gets dumped. Even if he is White.

Now let’s look at Daunte Culpepper DUMPED by the Vikes after the 2005 season and injuries picked up by the Miami Dolphins for 2005 and dumped again like Leftwich after ONE season. Then on to the Oakland Raiders last season and DUMPED again. Well Daunte you weren’t tearing up the NFL were you. Still the Packers and Steelers offered him one year deals at low salaries for 2008.

Not good enough for Daunte

So at all of 31 Culpepper

is OUT of Football off

to do something else

with his life FINE

and good LUCK

just drop the