Message For NHL

Updated: September 23, 2008


Hockey is about to plunge

into Internet broadcasting

in a Big Way this season

The NHL will broadcast practically every single game this season on the Internet in high quality broadband for a fee. Unlike Baseball it appears local games will not be blocked. The NHL is calling their offering Game Center Live and will cost a stiff $169 for the season.

So far this should be of NO interest

to African Americans who don’t

follow Hockey and won’t

spend $169 for it

The opportunity belongs to the National Hockey League if it is interested in expanding its fan base and reaching out to Black Sports fans. We certainly aren’t going to see other than a VERY rare African American on the Ice anytime soon or ever unless African Americans somehow develop a passion for the Sports as Black Canadians once did long ago.

What the NHL can do with its new Game Center Live is present one prominent game FREE live on the Internet each day during the 2008-2009 season and allow those tuning in to choose the broadcasters they want to hear call the game White or Black take your choice.

Will hiring a few high quality African American announcers to travel around the U.S. and Canada all season long broadcasting the best game each evening “revolutionize” hockey. NO but it is more than they have ever done. That’s for sure.

Hiring a pair of high quality African American broadcasters who will make NHL Hockey exciting specifically for an African American audience will be a FIRST and generate huge media attention. Because it has never been done before anywhere by any Sport.

Will it work. Maybe not. But that’s not the Point. It will be the first real sincere effort by the NHL to court Black fans in any meaningful way. Up until now it’s been all Lip Service. It is certainly a cost effective experiment. Even if it costs the NHL a million bucks for the season.

Although it will probably cost much less to hire two Black Sports announcers, fly them around the NHL all season and plug them into the same feed they will be broadcasting anyway. It is very likely it will cost the NHL nothing by attracting corporate sponsors to these broadcasts for the novelty and to display their interest in reaching an African American audience.

Sooner or later probably a lot sooner the Big 3 American Sports will be broadcasting all their games on the Internet as Major League Baseball already does in high quality. They are all going to wake up to the value of having announcer options that appeal to different audiences the largest in each case being Black fans who rarely get to watch a game with Black broadcasters.

the NHL can get there first

the fact that they will not

tells us all we need to

know why hockey is

such a White Sport

and always will

it wasn’t always

take a look