McCain’s Jets

Updated: September 5, 2008


The owner of the New Jersey Jets

may have more money than God

more than any Black God for

sure and he is a BIG

McCain supporter

Which by extension means HIS New Jersey Jets are supporting John McCain for President. Now we are not suggesting all the money Johnson is contributing to McCain is coming from the Jets we already noted Johnson is one of the growing hoard of American BILLIONAIRES who are richer than God. The Jets are a very small part of Johnson’s pot of GOLD.

At the same time the notoriety and star quality Robert WOODY Johnson “earns” (sic) from owning a franchise in the most lucrative successful Sport in America is HUGE. That fame surely enhances his VALUE to the McCain campaign. Now let’s bring in the obvious because as OBVIOUS as it may be you may not make the Connection on your own.

If there were NO players playing for the New Jersey Jets Robert Johnson would in effect own NOTHING. It is the 53 players who suit up in Jets uniforms every Sunday who are the team that Johnson owns. Which in a very real sense turns all of them into McCain supporters.

Here is the point

About 70% of those 53 players are AFRICAN American and it is safe to say probably none of them are John McCain supporters. While they really can’t do anything to avoid this guilt by association. They certainly can all get together and at least donate $1000 per player to the Barack Obama campaign. IF they are braver still appear at Barack Obama events. If they are really BRAVE they could even form their own NFL Jets for Barack Obama group.

Instead WOODY Johnson will

give and raise MILLIONS for

John McCain while smoozing

Republican Big Wigs in his Box

in the Meadowlands while watching

AFRICAN Americans entertain

them FAR below while Woody

and the Boys write checks to

John McCain so he can beat

his African American opponent

Barack Obama in November

it’s NOT good for any of us !