Jim Brown Says Stop Dancing

Updated: September 25, 2008


There is much that makes

Jim Brown MAD you see

something that does every

Sunday in the fall during

football season

African Americans making FOOLS of themselves whenever they SCORE a Touchdown or even make good plays. Dancing and jumping up and down like they’re in some Minstrel Show. At least that is Jim Brown’s sentiment more or less. He may have a point.

In what other Sport do you see this type of display and why don’t you ever see White Football players acting like “idiots” when they score. At last that is Jim Brown’s sentiment. If not his exact words. Here is exactly what Brown has to say about these “displays” …

” If today’s players understood the struggle that went on for African-Americans to be considered first-class citizens,” he said, “and to have their citizenship recognized and the fight they had just to get a job…If (today’s players) understood the fight against stereotype.”

“A lot of the old (movies) portrayed the style of the black prose and the dialect … this was humiliation and degradation. Then you get a modern athlete, who has benefited from that struggle (to change the stereotype), and they score a touchdown and they go do a buck dance in the end zone. They voluntarily take us back to the stereotypical things that we fought so hard to get rid of. That’s why I’m so adamant against that.”

Brown is absolutely opposed to dancing around in the End Zone but he also sees it as an aspect of a far wider Malaise among Black Athletes and that sentiment goes beyond Black Football players to African Americans in all the major Sports.

As he says. ” If these young men would come here and study the history and understand the dignity it took to break these (color barrier) lines…they could help us take it all to another level. They could help the schools, help stop the violence. They could become more meaningful than just millionaires dancing in the end zone.”

Jim Brown said all this and more this week in Kansas City to its home town newspaper the KC Star. Brown out on the speaking circuit as he so often is specifically promoting his own cause Amer-i-can and every bit as much African American integrity generally.

Brown is certainly not new to the “cause” in what might be described as his Old Age. This is not simply someone bitter as the years pass him by. In the new film the Box has been praising “The Express” the life story of Ernie Davis, Jim Brown plays a major role in the background throughout the film even if his character appears only briefly here and there throughout.

We first see Jim Brown at Syracuse after he has finished his last season of college ball and is on his way to play for the Cleveland Browns. Syracuse gets Brown to play a major role in convincing Davis to follow him playing at Syracuse and it turns out wearing Brown’s number 44.

What we see most of all is that even the very young Jim Brown was conscious of his Color and confident of his role in the world as an African American. As the movie progresses even to the last scene when Brown reappears as Ernie Davis suits up in a Cleveland Browns uniform and heads to the football field for the very last time in his life, Jim Brown appears again as a towering figure leading the way who you know understands and lives the struggle.

Today Jim Brown gives the impression he wants to believe young Black players will follow in his footsteps, adopt his attitudes and see themselves as “warriors” for equality and fairness for all African Americans. Whether Brown truly believes that possibility is another story.

We’ll close here by giving you

a preview of our next part

about ” The Express ” IF

every African American

NFL player takes time

to see this film they

will not only have

a better sense of Brown & Davis

but even more of themselves

and NOT prance around the

End Zone like characters

in a Minstrel Show