Hockey Mom Is This The Way To Go

Updated: September 11, 2008



Two weeks ago nobody

outside of Alaska had

heard of Sarah Palin

NO more most of all

Barack Obama she is

now his WORST


So why is a White mother of 5 from an obscure small town in Alaska getting the Box Treatment. For only one reason because the line she is most known probably will forever in describing herself as a HOCKEY mom and her line about what separates a HOCKEY mom from a pit bull.

The fact is Sports plays a very big part in the lives of Alaskans and it seems being a hockey mom is integral to making Sarah Palin the person she is and possibly the first woman Vice President of these United States. If Obama keeps attacking her. Even if you don’t vote for her.

Now as much as she may be a rabid right wing fanatic and may still have never personally met an African American probably not in Alaska anyway having a HOCKEY mom as Vice President can lead to some interesting speculation. Depending on whether or not she proves to be a White Racist.

Sarah Palin could be the most Sports oriented Vice President or President in American history. Based on her own personal interest in Sports beginning as a highly touted Alaskan high school basketball player where she earned the moniker Barracuda for her hard play. Since then Palin seems to have remained athletic. Likewise her husband as a high school Sports champ and now World Champion Snow Machine Racer (try it some time). And their kids seem to be likewise heavily involved in youth Sports. But more than that it’s the Sports Culture a powerful part of their lives.

Here is our Point

As Vice President the only work Sarah Palin would have other than taking John McCain’s pulse is whatever he might ask her to do. Otherwise for all practical purposes she could go back to Alaska and hunt, fish, snow machine, run in the snow every day and raise her kids full time. Because the Vice President of the United States has absolutely NO actual responsibilities.

So here is the Thing. President McCain could assign Palin or she could request to be put in charge of a Special Presidential Task Force to examine all aspects of Sports in America to uncover deficiencies and excesses and make recommendations for improvements both legislative changes and moral.

That assignment could keep Sarah Palin busy day and night for all four years. If it was done seriously and she was provided the requisite resources, staff and funding the fact is no matter where she turned her attention. NO matter the Sports. NO matter the level. NO matter the league. NO matter the governing body. NO matter the business aspects.

Everywhere Vice President Sarah Palin would turn if this was a truly independent objective effort Sarah Palin would be confronted again and again and again with the unavoidable conclusion that African Americans as all of the rest of us already know that we do NOT live on a level playing field and the further you get from the playing field ,on the Sidelines and in the Front Office and worse up in those luxury corporate Boxes and most of all in the Owners Box high above ……

With rare exception

Vice President Sarah Palin

will be forced to ask again

and again WHERE are the

African Americans maybe

she should begin with her

favorite Sport HOCKEY