Double Standard Is No Standard Vijay Singh Is Golf’s Invisible Man

Updated: September 2, 2008


What a round of Golf

played Monday by

Vijay Singh to win

The Deutsche Bank


Golf does not get any BETTER than Vijay Singh’s astonishing round of 63 that included an Eagle and two awesome Birdies one from 35 feet the other from 60 feet. Singh has now won the first TWO tournaments of the 4 tournament FedEx Cup the richest prize in Professional Golf worth $10 Million. Vijay would probably have to come in DEAD last the final two tournaments in the series to lose winning the FedEx Cup while another Golfer would need to win both.

Singh has now passed Tiger in total earnings for the year with $6,452,531 and nobody will pass Vijay in 2008. Vijay has the most Top 5 finishes this year 8. Tiger has 6 but his season is over and Phil Michelson is 3rd with 5. Vijay will not be caught in 2008.

If we were talking about Tiger most of all with the same achievements right now but certainly also Phil Michelson even Padraig Harrington or Justin Leonard THIS WOULD ALL BE VERY BIG NEWS on the Sports pages and broadcast Sports news. Maybe even on Page 1. Especially if it were Tiger Woods winning two weeks in a row in dramatic come from behind fashion and now poised to win Professional Golf’s BIGGEST prize The FedEx Cup.

Here is the Point

We have been making it for SEVEN years contrasting the treatment the ONLY TWO BLACK GOLFERS on the PGA Tour receive. WHY is everything and anything Tiger Woods does FRONT page news especially whenever he wins a Tournament and most of all when he wins with the kind of round of Golf Vijay had Monday.

While Vijay gets page SIX in The Times Sports section. Even on page SIX Vijay is at the BOTTOM of the page below a story about a replacement player on the New Jersey Giants and that’s right even BELOW a story about the Baltimore Ravens. Then it’s Vijay Singh.

IF we lived in a normal universe the ONLY other Black golfer on the Tour which includes hundreds of pros the Other BLACK PGA player who in Tiger’s absence is now tearing through the Tour “should” be getting intense coverage. Even more so if the PGA and the broadcasters even had a sliver of interest in truly INTEGRATING Golf. But they don’t.

They look at Tiger and they don’t see a BLACK Tour Pro they see the all purpose marketing machine who they don’t have to worry will ever lead to more Black Golfers on the Tour. But when it comes to any other BLACK Golfer it is another story. Of course they don’t admit it to themselves it is nicely tucked into their “sub-conscious” but Vijay Singh is a “psychological” if not physical threat to White hegemony. When the White Golf Establishment looks at Vijay Singh they see a BLACK Golfer but not when their minds’ eyes look at Tiger.

So Vijay will go on his Way

impressing Golf Fans who don’t

have the need to view Golf with

WHITE filtered glasses and who

appreciate true Golf


Go Vijay !

Vijay <SPAN class=txtcopy2 style=”COLOR: rgb(255,255,255VIJAY OUT OF THE SHADOW