Did Somebody Say Racism

Updated: September 18, 2008


What would you call it

BAD luck at the start of

2008 NFL season only

TWO weeks ago SEVEN

NFL teams appeared

to have STARTING

BLACK QBs already

its down to FOUR


Some people will never believe the deck is stacked AGAINST Black Quarterbacks. Even most Black Quarterbacks say it isn’t. What else are they going to say if they want to play in the NFL even if only occasionally. But here we are after just TWO games and while NO White Starting Quarterbacks have lost their jobs already Vince Young, Tarvaris Jackson and Troy Smith are relegated to the Sidelines. Don’t expect to see any of these 3 Starting again this season if ever.

Still standing the Eagles Donovan McNabb, the Redskins Jason Campbell, the Raiders JaMarcus Russell, and Jaguars David Garrard. BUT FOR HOW LONG ? If he doesn’t get hurt the only African American Quarterback worth even odds to finish the season as a Starter is Donovan McNabb and his days are numbered if the Eagles do not make the Play-offs. Garrard is probably safe ? As for Campbell and Russell ONLY if their teams do well enough.

Here is the Point

Any fair minded truthful individual KNOWS that the few NFL Black Quarterbacks must perform at a HIGHER level than White Quarterbacks to keep their jobs. Vince Young may be out with an injury but it was clear Tennessee was ready to yank him anyway and when he returns in a few weeks he will NOT get his Starting QB job back. Troy Smith came down with illness before the season as he prepared to Start for the Ravens but unlike a designated WHITE Starting Quarterback under the same circumstances it is less than likely Smith will Start when he is recovered.

There are PLENTY of NFL teams already under performing or performing pathetically after the first two weeks but NONE of the Starting White Quarterbacks have lost their jobs yet. This issue plus the embarrassing dearth of African American Quarterbacks is a prime example of what we call here in the Box VIRULENT Racism. It’s ONE yard forward TEN back again then again.

The most OUTRAGEOUS case

pathetic and embarrassing

so far this early season is

Tarvaris Jackson

Tarvaris Jackson being unceremoniously let’s call it was it is HUMILIATED being dumped as Minnesota’s Starting Quarterback after only TWO games, and his replacement a no-name career Back-up Quarterback guaranteed by the team he will Quarterback the rest of the season all 14 games NO matter what. That unless he gets injured Tarvaris Jackson is DONE for the season and most likely forever. It seems likely the Vikings would be overjoyed if Jackson responded to the unfairness, humiliation and embarrassment by asking for his release.

Of course he can’t or he’s done !

Tarvaris Jackson’s situation explains everything about the NFL and Black Quarterbacks. Drafted two years ago impressive in 12 games last season. Likewise in off season work-outs and the 2008 pre-season. Jackson was named the undisputed Minnesota Vikings STARTING Quarterback for the 2008 season. Except Tarvaris had to be concerned it was clear the Vikings were hoping to nail Brett Favre even though they denied it and if they had good BYE Jackson.

Tavaris Jackson’s replacement is 37 year old Gus Frerotte who has not been a Starter since dismissed by the LOWLY Miami Dolphins after the 2005 season. In the past two seasons he Started a total of 3 games for the LOWLY St. Louis Rams. We’re not dumping on Gus except to make the point does anyone other than those in desperate need of Brain Surgery think a BLACK Quarterback with a similar record and age would ever replace a Starting White QB after TWO games.

Deepening the funk anyone who watched Indianapolis vs Minnesota Sunday would not pin that CLOSE 18-15 loss on Jackson. The Vikings should have won except for DROPPED passes, a missed field goal, mistakes by the defense late in the game. Hardly reason for Jackson to LOSE his job. EXCEPT this is the “normal” plight of the AFRICAN American Quarterback.

Do we really need to tell you again. First, Quarterbacks are the IDENTITY of their teams more than any position in any Sport. The owners are WHITE, management is WHITE, the broadcasters are WHITE, the sponsors are WHITE, the high profit fans are WHITE. Get the Picture !! In tandem the head coach has a “special” relationship with his Quarterback. Needs to feel “comfortable” with his Quarterback. It’s so difficult for WHITE coaches to “relate” to BLACK Quarterbacks.

Ironically but not really the few NFL teams that have BLACK head coaches NEVER have BLACK Starting Quarterback even though you can make the same case for a Black coach having “rapport” with a Black Quarterback. Any African American head coach with a Black Starting Quarterback would be committing NFL “suicide” for himself and the Quarterback. It would never do !

So here is the story if

you want to be an

NFL Starting QB

IF you’re Black


or be Gone