Culpepper New England Is Calling Get An Agent

Updated: September 8, 2008



Finished SULKING yet Daunte

any chance you read today’s

SPORTS news hear about

Patriot’s Tom Brady he’s

OUT for the season

AND THEY DON’T HAVE A DECENT QUARTERBACK for the next 15 games let alone to try to make the post-season. Know any GOOD Quarterbacks OUT of work who are looking for a STARTING job with a famous NFL team ?? Even if they are known Cheaters.

In his recent retirement letter Culpepper said NO he didn’t want to sit around and hope some other NFL Quarterback would get hurt so he could get a job. This may SHOCK you Daunte but your mind does not have the POWER to make other Quarterbacks get injured. Unless you know something the rest of us don’t you had nothing to do with Brady’s knee injury Sunday.

Now here is where the rubber

hits the road Culpepper

Are you really going to stand by your ridiculous letter of “retirement” and your BITTERNESS toward Football and show NO interest in talking to the Patriots. Are you really going to decide two weeks from now you absolutely have NO interest in Starting for one of the best NFL teams of recent years Sunday, September 21st Miami. Well only if you are one stupid and selfish SOB.

Has anyone told you how FEW African American Starting Quarterbacks even Backup Quarterbacks there are in the NFL. Admit it Culpepper you ignored everything you know about the NFL writing that ghastly letter. How exactly did you lose your Starting QB position in Minnesota.

You got injured Daunte

So now it’s Golden Boy SuperBowl Champ Tom Brady’s “turn” to get injured. While you are completely healthy AND EXACTLY THE SAME AGE. Did anyone hear Brady talking about retiring because he was all of 31 and in his case with THREE NFL SuperBowl Championships and absolutely nothing to prove. Rich and guaranteed membership in the NFL Hall of Fame.

What’s YOUR excuse Culpepper you

have 0 SuperBowl Championships

and nobody will be nominating

you for the NFL Hall unless

you come back and earn it

Injures for better or worse are part of this game of NFL Football as you know only too well. And Quarterbacks seem to suffer more injuries than any other position on the Gridiron. And just in case you don’t Google your name at least once a day. YOUR NAME IS ALREADY ALL OVER THE MEDIA as a possible replacement for Tom Brady for 2008. And if Brady’s injury is not “bad” enough guess what other Quarterback also SUFFERED a knee injury the first week of the season. YES one of the few Black Quarterbacks Vince Young luckily he may ONLY be out for a month.

So Culpepper SHOVE that

retirement letter get yourself

a GOOD agent of which there

are many who will take you on

and get on a plane to BOSTON

and then call us in the morning

with a Box Exclusive unless

you’re a Whimpering Idiot