Bye Jerry Willie’s Revenge Justice

Updated: September 28, 2008



the views expressed

here in NO way reflect

the deep SADNESS

Willie Randolph feels

after the COLLAPSE

of the NY Mets UNDER

their NEW and soon

FORMER manager

Jerry Manuel

We will swear the Box is putting words in Willie’s mouth today that in no way reflect the tremendous GRIEF he and his entire family are feeling at this moment in time distraught beyond words by the Mets loss to to the Florida Marlins 4-2 Sunday coupled with the Milwaukee Brewers 3-1 win over the Chicago Cubs and the Brewers winning the NL Wild Card.

What a terrible TRAGEDY it is

Willie’s condolences also go out

to Mets GM Omar Minaya

and most of all with a sense

of deep deep LOSS to the

Mets owner Fred Wilpon


Are we being Cruel here. The Mets have just suffered another devastating COLLAPSE after Jerry “promised” it would not happen again with him in charge. And most of the Mets chimed in. It would be different this time. WHY. Because the one reason holding them back the source of all their MISERY was their now former manager Willie Randolph.

What GLEE there was when Willie got the AX and to make sure he didn’t miss the point Minaya had him take a plane all the way to the West Coast to tell him when he could have told Willie you’re FIRED one day earlier at Shea. Instead he waited until late at night on the West Coast after the Mets had won to add insult to injury to give Willie the Boot.

And send him back to New York alone humiliated

Wilpon and Minaya knew their Mets would do so so much better with their man especially Minaya’s man Asian American Jerry Manuel. Everyone would be more comfortable now. The Mets would SOAR to new heights. NO he could not promise a World Championship but with all this talent now (none of it Black ) “properly” managed it was the Post Season for sure.

If Wilpon and Minaya are even Bigger Scoundrels then they already are don’t put it past them to still try to pin this COLLAPSE on Willie even though he was fired way back in the Spring. Minaya for sure will decide if he can get away with making Willie Randolph the Scape Goat to save his job and who knows even try to bring Manuel back next season.

Unlikely to happen but Jerry would be a FOOL to accept the job for 2009 even worse without anything less than a THREE year NO cut pay me no matter what contract. Even then it would not be worth it. Most likely he’d be dumped in 2009 unless the Mets started in 1st Place and stayed there. So Minaya could try and keep his job. If Wilpon tosses Minaya as he deserves then it is certainly Good Bye Jerry. The Mets need a re-building program. New GM, new Manager, new players. They could sure use a new OWNER but sadly Wilpon can’t get fired.

So Willie while we know

you can’t say it even

whisper your Joy

we will for you


so rare so