Bulletin Oprah Does Sports

Updated: September 4, 2008


Sing it from the HIGHEST

mountain YES OPRAH does

Sports at least once in her

Fabulous Celebrity Life

It took the Olympics to do it and more precisely the possibility that Chicago might host the 2016 Summer Olympics. But still it is a Breakthrough of sorts. Her first time EVER Oprah may have done Sports ( NO we have not checked back every show over the last 20 years ).

It is noble indeed that Oprah invited 175 USA Olympics athletes back from Beijing led of course by Michael Phelps who is everywhere raking in the Dough, to join her in Chicago for her opening show of the new season taped Wednesday to be broadcast next Monday.

Oprah is applying her considerable influence some say unequaled CLOUT to try and sway hearts and minds among the IOC voters to award the 2016 Summer Olympics to HER city. It sure will not hurt Chicago’s chances and it could prove pivotal proving to the IOC members they will get more value and DOLLARS there than anywhere else. PLUS their own face time on The Oprah Show. They will also get President Obama from CHICAGO in the last year of his two term Presidency if Sarah Palin doesn’t step on his Dream.

As for Oprah without asking her to go “crazy” doing Sports which she won’t, Ms. Winfrey does like the idea of Sports when it involves her home town CHICAGO. So we have some good advice for her that will allow Oprah to do more for fellow AFRICAN Americans than gushing all over Michael Phelps and the almost all White Olympians at her Show.

Indeed we have TWO good ideas for Oprah

neither of which she will EVER act on

but then that’s the POINT of this Box

First up is the Chicago Cubs now for SALE. IF Oprah did a show about the sale of the CHICAGO Cubs and the fact that in the year that an AFRICAN American who hails from CHICAGO can become President of these United States, that still after 100+ years of Major League Baseball there has NEVER ever been an AFRICAN American team owner that the attention Oprah’s show would generate would force MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and Major League Baseball to confront that issue in CHICAGO.

In fact Oprah the PERFECT guest

for that show would be The Man

himself Commissioner Selig

OK if you are still with me Oprah and having done your first REAL Sports show the next opportunity brings you right back to the Olympics and CHICAGO. Just as most of the Olympic Athletes joining you in Chicago this week are WHITE because outside of some track and field events with the exception of Gold Medal Swimmer Cullen Jones almost ALL the American athletes in all the other Olympic Sports are White.

Oprah do a show about bringing BALANCE to the USA Olympic team over the next EIGHT years in time for the 2016 Olympics in CHICAGO. Most of the American athletes who will be chosen 8 years from now are barely teenagers now some of them pre-teens. There is plenty of time to find and develop more AFRICANS American Olympic athletes for 2016.

ALL that is missing is the WILL to do so. By you shining your Oprah LIGHT on this subject of African American EXCLUSION from most Olympic Sports Summer and Winter and the lack of interest on the part of American government to do ANYTHING about it you single-handedly can make this matter so visible changes will be made.

Oprah now that you have

FINALLY shown interest

in Sports Chicago your

focus you can do so so

much more IF only you

will embrace SPORTS

Oprah DO IT !!