Battle Of The Century

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: September 16, 2008

ATLANTA— Motivational speaker and author Orrin Hudson was looking for a game…actually 50 games simultaneously. This past weekend Hudson, the world renowed chess champion, took on 50 opponents all at once during the V-103 For Sisters Only event at the Georgia World Congress Center.

It was part of a program Hudson calls “Heads Up, Pants Up, Grades Up.” He believes that learning to play chess can help young people learn to think for themselves.

“Playing 50 chess games at once is an example of learning to fight using your head. We all have an amazing computer between our ears,” explained Hudson. “The key is to realize it and use it.”

Hudson has a non-profit organization in Atlanta called “Be Someone, Inc.” that promotes strategic thinking to young people. Their goal is to reach one million kids, with various messages including urging young men to abandon the saggy pants look to project a more professional appearance.

Hudson, a former Alabama state trooper and Air Force veteran, founded Be Someone Inc. to promote his innovative approach to teaching kids to play chess.

While they learn the game of chess, they gain valuable life skills, applying the same concepts of responsibility, discipline, and self-reliance to their lives.

Family members of the more than 20,000 students attending his chess and motivational clinics report improvement in their grades, social conduct and mental acuity.

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