BASN Classic Blackbox: Daddy Why Aren’t There Any Black Announcers In Football

Updated: September 17, 2008

A BASN Classic BlackBox Originally Published: November 26, 2007 ” DADDY WHY AREN’T THERE ANY BLACK ANNOUNCERS IN FOOTBALL ” ( be patient dear there will be ) Black Child ” CAN YOU TELL ME WHEN “

In many ways

last Saturday was

your typical late Fall

weekend afternoon

PLENTY of Football

all over the Tube

What was more certain than the outcomes of the various games. Far far far more certain as it has ALWAYS been and may long remain – ALL the announcers on each of the Major Broadcasts ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN all their Announcers up in the Booth high above the Action were White Guys. YES we’ve told this Story before in the Box any number of times. And we will continue to do so.

If the Problem is not going away

neither is our coverage even

more so since no one else does

The Box monitored the top 6 games on TV Saturday. There were NO African Americans up in the Broadcast Booth excepting of course those employed to go fetch coffee and run other errands for the Announcers and the Crew. Granted it is not all that easy to monitor the Announcers since they are rarely seem. But ever so often if for no other reason than to feed their Vanity they pop up on the Screen. White all the Time.

OK OK OK don’t bother

writing in to tell us you once

saw an African American

broadcasting a Major Game

or any game at all

That won’t change anything. Or that it is exactly the same in the NFL. Except we “forgot” on the Monday Night Game on ESPN YES there is an African American Announcer Mike Tirico “praise the Lord” ONE Black Announcer. Even less don’t bother telling us that at the end of the Table during pre-game or at half-time there is “always” ONE African American former player who gets to make ONE comment during these shows.

The fact is Sports Fans with so so much of the Talent down on the Gridiron game after game after game both college and pro LOGIC would dictate that that Talent would also be reflected up in the Booth. Except the White Suits making the decisions subscribe to a “higher logic” White Announcers Good – African Americans need not apply.

Now how about spreading the Criticism around

Once again if the Black players cared or had any Back Bone some of them would comment on the fact it is UNFAIR there are virtually NO African American Announcers in Football. But since most of the players suffer from both “diseases” they say nothing. You can also call them Stupid if you like BECAUSE when their playing days are over and they’d love one of those high paying Announcer jobs working for the Major Networks there won’t be any BECAUSE of the Silence of the Black Lambs.

But low and behold

in spite of all the

spineless behavior

on both sides of

the Color Divide


is at Hand

Eye & Ear

And it is that much closer since the last time the Box was and is the ONLY source for this coming Transformation in Sports broadcasting. Once again the Internet is coming to the Rescue. More specifically BROADBAND. The Big Pipes. Even now broadcasting is fast migrating to the Internet as you should know. You can now watch most of your favorite TV shows ( if you have any ) when you like at the various network Websites or at new hubs like

Here is what the White Suits in Corporate don’t realize yet but will sooner rather than later because there is PROFIT in it. And yes PROFIT trumps RACISM if and only if it can be absolutely proven the profit is BIG and changing their ways will not lead to African American ownership or corporate decision making. That by the way of course is why there are so many Black players in TWO Sports it does nothing to upset the Status Quo but it is Very Profitable providing a Better Product.

Anyway to today’s Lesson in the Future

In the not-too-distant future when all live television signals are traveling over Broadband the age of the SINGLE signal for all will be over forever. While electronic “personalization” my not change the world nor end Imperialism while experiencing the pleasure of siting in front of your TV or Computer watching Sports everything is going to Change. YOU ARE GOING TO SEE AND HEAR THE GAME YOU WANT. Meaning you will have the POWER to direct your own Broadcast.

For starters right now at Major Games there re up to a dozen cameras recording all the action but you get to see the output of the ONE camera the program director decides to cue. In fact in the future there may be dozens of cameras covering the Action once they are all automated ( sorry cameramen ). In the Age of Broadband Sports you will decide which of those cameras you want to view the game from at any one moment.

But here is the more “revolutionary” point

certainly from a Black perspective

The White Suits up in Corporate will also REALIZE at about the same time or because they are smart enough to monitor the Box that there is NO good reason to offer viewers only ONE type of running commentary on the Field below.

There will be PROFIT in first offering a second audio stream with more “personality” then is the case now as interest increases in full viewer “control” even a third and fourth option of who to listen to up in the ever expanding Broadcast Booth. And for really BIG games al kinds of one of a kind single game Announcers to add a variety of COLOR ( the right word here ) both advertisers and fans will pay for

you want Legendary Jim Brown

announcing raw and uncensored

for the BCS Championship in 2012

yes you’ll have Jim Brown

( for an extra fee if he is still

with us in the Future !! )

Barack Obama maybe ??

Oprah ( forget Oprah )

The fact is ..

Instead of the bland “colorless” current Announcer Teams many of these guys by the way who have never even played Football in any meaningful way but “have friends in High Places” instead you will be able to watch the game – viewed from the camera of your choice – while listening to stimulating and INSIGHTFUL coverage from former Black players and coaches even Celebrities who really understand the game and can bring you into the Action in ways most of today’s Announcers never ever will.

Isn’t Capitalism great

( even if it also created Slavery )

and isn’t Technology wonderful

( even if it’s taking much too long )

everyone will WIN in the Future

( to a limited extent anyway )

unfortunately for the present

all we can do is Dream of

Inclusive Announcing

but Stay Tuned it’s

Coming ….