Another Big Brown Victory

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: September 15, 2008

FSC COSTA RICA — Costa Rica’s 2007-08 Circuito Nacional de Surf (CNS) Champion Gilbert Brown of Puerto Viejo raised another trophy Sunday, this one after conquering waves of two-to-four feet in the finals and semifinals of the second day of competition at the SixthAnnual Torneo Benéfico de Surf that benefit the boy’s home Hogar Monserrat de Niños, located in San Miguel de Barranca.

Until then, this contest had been monopolized by Jaco’s surfer Luis Vindas, who had won in four other occasions. But, lamentably, an ankle ailment hindered a victory this weekend, and gave the Limonese surfer the edge.

Brown, who did not shy away from the opportunity to offer a climatic show, pushed forward with a difficult surge, connecting two long lefts, completing a series of maneuvers that blew everyone away.

This included Jairo Perez (Jaco), Jason Torres (Jaco), and David Herrera (Quepos) who themselves gave sufficient performances to earn second, third and fourth place, respectively.

With this first place win in the Torneo Benéfico de Surf, Brown now has made 10 consecutive pódium appearances in a row since November 2007, when he raised his bronze medal in the historic Pan-American Games in Chile.

In the Women’s category, Jaco’s Lisbeth Vindas — Costa Rica’s National Women’s Surfing Champion — has made it three triumphs of five in this zone. She was followed in the final listing by four surfers from Santa Teresa: Macarena Díaz, Yanoris Godines, Verónica Quiroz and Mari Paz Solano, the latter only eight years of age!

The Columbia resident of Costa Rica, Anderson Tascon was blessed by consistent sets of good size and was crowned the winner of the Juniors category. The goofy foot, who made radical maneuvers, is also the 2007-08 CNS Junior Champion.

In the end, it was Jaco’s Anthony Flores who came in 2nd, while Jaco’s Manuel Mesen placed third, and Boca Barranca’s Álvaro Guevara who demonstrated a good enough level to take fourth and benefit the boy’s home.

In Longboard, Dennis Burk, maintained a very classic style with a good handling of his board, and was crowned the winner after opposing Luis León, who placed second. Marco Pacheco (a sponsor of this event) and Willian Agüero, competited for the first time in this category, and they came in third and fourth place.

Finally, in the Bodyboard división, the winner was the Central American runner-up, Jeffrey Gómez, who gave the public an excellent presentation of this discipline with two magnificient stratigic performances in the finals and the semifinals.

The Sixth Annual Torneo Benéfico de Surf attracted nearly 700 people, and as this event is a yearly activity for Boca Barranca, one with the support of the Mayor of Punteranas, Lic. Agnes Gómez, and the Punteranas Canton Sports Committee, it will only grow as time moves on.