A Festival Of Tubes In Hermosa

By BASN Wire Services
Updated: September 1, 2008

FSCCOSTA RICA – As was expected, the Pacific Ocean in Playa Hermosa surged to 7-10 foot waves with favorable wind giving optimal conditions to the first-ever Torneo Leyendas de Costa Rica.

Gathered together in this spectacle were surfers of over 35 years of age fighting to the end. in the best spectacle of tubes seen in years in this match organized by the Federacion de Surf de Costa Rica (FSC).

The Board of Directors of the FSC will make a National Selection from these winners for the International Surfing Assocation Masters event next year in Costa de Caparica, Portugal.

Carried out in front of Hotel Terrazas del Pacífico this weekend, waves were breaking perfect towards both sides, the peak surf came during two categories — 35 to 40 years of age and 40 to 45 years of age.

Randall “frijol” Chávez, who won 1st place in the 35 to 40 division, immediately stole the show with his long right tube of at least 7 feet that drew the emotions of a grateful public in this máximum expression of surf.

The National Costa Rican Masters Champion, gleaned from the Circuito Nacional de Surf (CNS), Mauro Sergio Oliveira, made every effort with an enviable arsenal to win his heats.

Nevertheless, the classic technique and experience of others in his category were more radical and innovative, and he was relegated to third place after Randall and second place Tommy Bernsdorf.

For surfers división 40 to 45, Alejandro Monge fulfilled his lifetime promise and took 1st place with long hauls and aggressive roundhouses in the amazing tubes. Víctor Fallas and Christophe “Kiki” Commarieu, kept up with him during the 25-minute heat, and obtained the second and third positions, respectively.

In the category 45 to 50, the North American who lives in Puerto Viejo near Limon with the solo name of “Tequila,” grabbed a glorious tube and with it 10 points that awed the panel of judges.

This was a prolonged and cylindrical right that he took inside, and found a small window out perfectly. It was the best wave of the event and it earned Tequila first place in his división.

The very good surfer Brian Michael, who calls himself, “probably more of a ripper,” earned second place and Ian Douglas third. And finally, in the gold category — 50 years or more, Ian Douglas bootstrapped himself to firsst, with Edward Alexander at second.

With the completion of this Torneo Leyendas de Costa Rica, the FSC not only completed the contest itself, but also recognized some of the surfers who put Costa Rican surfing on the map.

Carlos Villalobos, who was a 10-time National Champion in the ’80s and ’90s, as well as Mario “fuerzas” Rodríguez, a historic Tico surf figure, were both highlighted this weekend.

“This weekend was very positive and the legends gave their all at this competition,” declared José Ureña, President of the FSC. “On the other hand, we are thankful that they participated in organizating and competing so that we were finally able to carry out a contest just for the Masters.”

“They certainly showed us that they are at good level for the National Selection that we in Costa Rica need to compete internationally.”