Yes You Can

Updated: August 29, 2008


OK OK OK maybe

we weren’t on the field

at Broncos Stadium

Thursday night but

we used the POWER

of our minds and a

few Rolling Rocks

To teleport ourselves to Denver for the last night of the Democratic Convention. There is NO doubt something Special is going on. Barack Obama is not the Messiah but then again neither are most so called “messiahs” throughout history. What Barack Obama is is a unique opportunity for AFRICAN American athletes to put their BS aside.

You know where we are going

with this even without the

photo above guiding you

Right to our favorite Whipping Post. The one and only INVISIBLE African American here’s Tiger. All the apolitical African American athletes who think the are so COOL try COLD for staying out of the political arena this time are exposing themselves as JERKS if they sit on the sidelines during the Obama general election campaign now underway.

And Tiger Woods has richly earned the title of Poster JERK for the entire group. In fact Tiger has a Dilemma. Publicity loving Tiger. Trend setting Tiger. Does Tiger want to be left off the A List when Obama becomes President because he did NOTHING to assist him to become President. Will Tiger abandon his I’M NOT BLACK routine to court favor with Obama ??

Gee let’s think about this. Obama has an African American father and a non-African Americans mother and Obama clearly considers himself AFRICAN American. So what’s your problem Tiger. Enough Tiger bashing he isn’t worth that much attention no matter how rich he is or how well he swings a golf club. HERE IS THE POINT ..

With or without Tiger Woods leading the way AT A MINIMUM every single professional African American athlete in Sports basically Basketball, Football and the few in Baseball should ALL each contribute $1000 or better more to the Obama Presidential campaign. Want to bet far fewer than 5% have. Then publicly add their names to Athletes for Obama and make as many public appearances for Obama as their schedules allow.

IF Tiger Woods abandoned his BS and became co-chair of Athletes for Obama along with other very famous African American athletes they could raise and donate a very large amount of money for the Campaign and maybe even more attract lots of voters Black and White to support and vote for Barack Obama and sway this election for Barack O.

Here is the only known quote TIger Woods is ever known to have made about Obama, “I’ve seen him speak. He’s extremely articulate, very thoughtful,” Woods said. “I’m just impressed at how well, basically all politicians really do, how well they think on their feet. Especially those debates. It’s pretty phenomenal to see them get their point across. But I just think that he’s really inspired a bunch of people in our country and we’ll see what happens down the road.”

Isn’t that wonderful Tiger is “impressed at how well, basically ALL politicians really do, how well they think on their feet.” Tiger supports ALL politicians because Tiger doesn’t want to lose even one endorsement dollar upsetting anyone by actually supporting Obama or anyone else.”

Maybe just maybe there are

some Black athletes out there

who are not as PATHETIC as

Tigers Woods who will enthusiastically

support Barack Obama for President

who understand their own interests

are tied to making White America

know how beautiful and how powerful

being Black in America can truly be with

Barack Obama in The WHITE House

Barack Obama ” YES WE CAN “