Whites Fear Their Own Lies

By Fred Whitted
Updated: August 2, 2008

NORTH CAROLINA — What is it about Barack Obama that strikes fear in the hearts of whites? He’s a nice guy. He’s smart. He’s a good Christian guy. Even with this, whites are still afraid to vote for him.

They are careful not to seem racist, or afraid. They have well rehearsed reasons why they can’t vote for him, even though his opponent is not as good.

Looking back 400 years we see the genesis of the problem. Whites relegated Blacks from being kings and queens to animals traded as property. Unlike cows and horses, these animals could think on their level.

They could speak their language. They could learn to read just like their masters. This produced problems of control. The remedy came in the form of the Willie Lynch Letter. This was a plan to divide Blacks in order to control from within.

While scholars denounce the letter’s authenticity, there is evidence that something was done to control Black people. Not only was it done, it is still active. They know what buttons to push to separate and cause confusion among Blacks.

We saw this with Clinton’s campaign using seven-year-old messages by Reverend Wright to attack Senator Obama. Although it did not work, it did bring about chaos for a short time.

One of the great lessons we have learned from sports is keep Black folks out if you don’t want them to take over. 58 years ago there were no Blacks in the NBA. Look at it now.

The NCAA once rejected Black colleges and set quotas for Blacks on teams, look at NCAA football and basketball today. They said Blacks could not play quarterback, look at major colleges and the NFL today.

They said Blacks could not coach.

Two years ago a Black man won the Super Bowl.

What lies have whites told themselves that are disproved by the success of Barack Obama? America, like most colonialist nations, has long marginalized Blacks. They dubbed them failures, then, systematically worked to make them failures. Even during the days of slavery, Black people far exceeded the expectations of whites.

This continued long after slavery. Jim Crow laws were set in place to insure white control and Black servitude. During World War One, Black troops were assigned to the French because white Americans preferred not to fight alongside them.

As the Second World War raged, Blacks had to fight for the right to fight for their country as more than stewards and laborers. As a result, they were able to become highly decorated fighter pilots. Some even saved whites who mistreated them on the ground.

It is easy to ask whites what is really wrong with Barack Obama. Unfortunately, that does not get to the heart of the matter. The real question is what lies have you perpetuated about Black people to the point that you now think your lies are the truth?

Sports are just one of the places where Blacks have disproved the prevailing stereotypes that have been presented as truth to the masses. When you look at the growing number of Black CEOs at Fortune 500 companies, we see another avenue where Blacks are expanding their borders. They have proven themselves in the science for hundreds of years.

Looking at recent years, we have the like of Dr. George Washington Carver, Dr. George Caruthers and Dr. Robert Shurney as shining examples. Dr. Carver helped us to live and eat better. Dr. Shurney helped put man on the moon. Dr. Caruthers helped us to see the earth from the moon.

Much of America wanted to marginalize Senator Obama. A year ago, he was a little more than an unknown commodity. Most of America has anointed Hillary Clinton as the next nominee for their party. He was supposed to drop out and go away. He did not.

Now, he is the nominee of the Democrat Party. He refused to be marginalized and pushed into a corner. His success has pushed the door open for America to finally take a strong look at itself. They are not likely to like what they see.

We are now at a point where America must face its greatest demon — racism. There are no more opportunities to hide behind the usual clichés. Now, America must deal with all the things they once push aside to deal with in the future. In short, America is being forced to let its true colors shine through. What will we see?

When Obama was running in the middle of the pack, he was a great guy doing a good job. It was a proud day for America for this Black man to be running such a good race. At the time, he was not given a chance.

As other candidates fell out of the race because he was winning or placing second, there were a marked change in rhetoric. We saw the Clintons digging sermons by his pastor to use against him. While it did not work, it showed how far whites would go to hold onto something they felt entitled to.

As the “presumptive nominee” for the Democrats, Senator Obama now make Democrats show where they really stand when it come to supporting a Black candidate, and, Black people. Is also makes America look in the mirror at itself on racial issues.

The election of Senator Obama as president removes the excuses that Blacks were not qualified. It is similar to the situation that existed after Doug Williams won the Super Bowl.

All of a sudden, we began to see more Black quarterbacks starting at the college level. From there we say more Blacks in the NFL. Now, about one third of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL are Black. Once whites stopped believing their own lies, Blacks quickly rose to their full potential.

Consider the possibilities when more lies about Blacks are disproved.