What About Me And Watch What You Eat Then There’s Byron Leftwich

Updated: August 25, 2008


Thank God summer is

almost OVER most of

Box staff on vacation

our fact checkers and

copy editors gone is

a PROBLEM from

time to time

Not that that is an excuse David. And you have every right to make that nasty phone call even if you didn’t. YES of course you are one of the African American Starting Quarterbacks in the NFL this season. NO we won’t even try to blame the deplorable working conditions we endure, lack of air conditioning ( the company says it’s good for the environment ), or the constant exhaustion from over-work or the surly bosses. None of that should matter.

YES you are an outstanding Quarterback. In fact thank God for you in addition to the end of summer. Or maybe you should thank God. It was just a year ago that SHOCKER out of left field let’s make that the end zone the Jaguars released Starting QB Byron Leftwich and gave the Ball to you Jacksonville’s NEW Starting Quarterback after toiling as the Backup.

Which brings us to Byron Leftwich

excuse us Troy Smith is next look

at the headline to today’s Box

Smith had the upset stomach. A very very costly upset stomach. It cost him the pre-season Start at QB for the Ravens he so needed to fight for the Starting QB role in Baltimore. He got his own Box four days ago because of the Start. Then Troy goes and upsets his stomach and did not play at all against St. Louis. The only good news for Smith if there was any is the Wannabe who Started in his place and QBed the entire game got pretty much mauled by the St. Louis Rams so his very good luck turned out pretty Bad. Maybe you get another Shot ?

Will Troy Smith Start next week

Ravens’ final pre-season game

against Atlanta’s Falcons at home

who knows but it may be better

if he does not eat at all !

Then there is Byron Leftwich making an impressive attempt to not only stay in the game but win a new Starting Starring Role somewhere. Leftwich has hooked up with Pittsburgh after getting dumped by Atlanta who picked him up after he got bounced from Jacksonville.

Leftwich was IMPRESSIVE Quarterbacking in the second half for the Steelers in their 12-10 victory over Minnesota whose own Starting Black Quarterback Tavaris Jackson is nursing an injury and did not play. As for Leftwich he has NO chance of Starting for Pittsburgh unless injuries or an upset stomach puts Ben Rothlisberger out of commission.

So here is the corrected “starting line-up” for Black QBs in 2008 if

Donovan McNabb Starts every game for Philadelphia

Jason Campbell Starts every game for Washington

Vincent Young Starts every game for Tennessee

JaMarcus Russell Starts every game for Oakland

Tarvaris Jackson Starts every game for Minnesota

David Garrard Starts every game for Jacksonville

So the GOOD news is there are

SIX Starting Black Quarterbacks

in the NFL this season MAYBE

even SEVEN if Smith watches

what he eats and could be even

EIGHT only if Rothlisberger

doesn’t watch what he eats or

keeps riding his motorcycle

as for the Summer it is

finally ALMOST over

Black Box staff note

NO more vacations

NO more errors