This Beer’s For You Vijay

Updated: August 28, 2008


Although few notice

there is ONE other

very Black golfer

on the PGA Tour

more noticeable

with Tiger gone

What Vijay Singh has proven two of the last three weekends with IMPRESSIVE PGA Tour Victories is that Golf can be just as exciting to follow and watch in Tiger Woods’ absence even more when there is another Champion Black Golfer on the Course.

Vijay Singh may be Fijian rather than African AMERICAN. So what. Is there any doubt his ancestors are straight out of AFRICA the same as African AMERICANS or that here in America he is “received” as AFRICAN American. What clearly separates Vijay from Tiger is that Vijay does not go around denying his Blackness as Woods does by deed and omission.

Let’s turn to this past Weekend

The Barclays Tournament

1st Round of the FedEx Cup

Tiger NO where to be seen


If it had been Tiger the media would be shouting it at the top of their White Lungs proclaiming Tiger ever GREATER than God ( again ) for the heroic impossible finish coming back again and again throughout the Last Round tying the Almost Great Sergio Garcia and Up And Coming Kevin Sutherland and FORCING a Play-off on the 18th hole.

Then Vijay sinking a Birdie from 27 feet after Sergio first sank a Birdie from 27 feet on the first sudden-DEATH hole poised to claim his Play-off Victory confidence RADIATING from his face NO way Vijay would duplicate his almost impossible Feat BUT VIJAY DID ! Imagine if it had been Tiger the action would have halted while the Fans hoisted Tiger on their shoulders and paraded all over the golf course PROCLAIMING him the Messiah of Golf ( again ).

Here in the Real World

it was on to the second

SUDDEN Death Hole

only Vijay & Sergio

Sutherland GONE

Now on the 17th Hole Garcia CRACKED from the PRESSURE as would have been expected if it were him and Tiger. Sergio hit an errant Drive next to a tree over an animal burrow while Vijay Drove his Ball long and straight. Garcia struggled to the Green. Then Vijay took his Club in hand and expertly flawlessly Birdied yet another hole to WIN the Barclays !!

Praise the Lord ALL

hail the new BLACK

Champion of Golf

Vijay Singh is now #2 in earnings for 2008 just slightly behind Tiger who he will surpass very soon since Tiger’s season is Over. The only question now will Vijay keep up this level of play (he can be somewhat inconsistent at times) and claim the FedEx Cup, a cool $10 Million for winning it and be named PGA Golfer of the Year for the second time.


It’s Vijay’s brand. It is Thailand’s best Singha – Singh drinks Singha – Vijay is their premier spokesperson and endorsement leader. He wears their name on his shirt during Tour events. It is now the Official Brew of Choice in the Box as a result of Vijay’s success with it. Who knows maybe they will sign a sponsorship deal with the Box after reading this. We’re easy. A case a week of COLD Singha and we’ll give them an exclusive in the Box.

As for Vijay THREE cheers

in that sea of WHITE faces

on the PGA Tour all year

on your HD screen every

weekend even with Tiger

OUT of the Picture there

is one BLACK Champion

on the screen week after

week GO VIJAY and

hand us a Singha !!