The Other Big Story Out Of Baltimore Troy Smith

Updated: August 20, 2008


Anyone who does not

know Michael Phelps

is from Baltimore is

lying it simply is not

possible but believe it or

not there is another story

out of Baltimore this week

Troy Smith YES Troy Smith will be the Starting Quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens this Saturday night against the St. Louis Rams. Now you might think that is a non-story even less compared to Michael Phelps. THINK AGAIN. Trust us none of you are ever going to go spend your Saturday nights or Sunday afternoons watching swimming matches except once every four years if then but Football is a different Story for sure. Most of us can’t get enough.

But who cares about Troy Smith anyway

you should if you’re reading The Box

no doubt about that at all Once again it is going to be tough enough finding African American Quarterbacks on the Screen even if you are lucky and rich enough to afford the NFL Sunday Ticket so you can watch every single one of the 16 games this Fall every week for the 16 game season. Do the math or we will that is 256 regular season games or if you prefer 512 Starting Quarterback slots.

Let’s see IF and this is

the biggest IF you will

ever encounter IF

Donovan McNabb Starts every game for Philadelphia

Jason Campbell Starts every game for Washington

Vincent Young Starts every game for Tennessee

JaMarcus Russell Starts every game for Oakland

Tarvaris Jackson Starts every game for Minnesota

That’s about it for Starting Black Quarterbacks

That’s it 80 Starts MAX out of 512 Starting Quarterback slots fort the entire season. Don’t rack your brain ( raking is dangerous that is 16% IF all 5 Start EVERY game. Call that so close to impossible take any bet ANY you can it will not happen. Give 1 Billion – 1 odds on a $1000 bet if you can get it. It’s a guaranteed $1000 for you to afford NFL Sunday Ticket.

So what’s the Point

there is always a Point

LONG shots like former College SuperStar HEISMAN winner Troy Smith are a BLESSING because just maybe Smith can work the other end of the Odds chart. That against the Odds the Baltimore Ravens might find his pre-seaaon performance so impressive Troy Smith gets to be the unexpected African American Starting Quarterback this season. It is worth praying for if you pray on Sports which many of us do. Here is what others are saying ….

The Canadian Press why not ….

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — “Troy Smith will be the Ravens starting quarterback for Saturday’s pre-season game against the St. Louis Rams, coach John Harbaugh said Wednesday.”

” The former Heisman Trophy winner may play as much as three quarters as the Ravens want to evaluate him as they try to determine who will be the QB in the season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sept. 7.”

” Former starter Kyle Boller is Smith’s chief competition, yet he might not even play against the Rams. Boller has committed a team-high three turnovers in two pre-season games.”

The Baltimore Sun better yet ….

“[Smith] will play as much as we need to have him play,” Harbaugh said. “The thinking is Kyle has had 42 starts and we have a good idea of what he is and what he’s been. We need to find out more about Troy Smith. He needs reps with the [starters]. He needs them against a defense in a third preseason game where they’re game-planning him a little bit and we’ll see how he does.”

Smith said he was not surprised when he was named the starter for the third preseason game, which is typically the one where the starters play the most.

“I say that because I am confident in what I can do and what I will do,” Smith said.

We’ll let Smith have that last word

he deserves it now go out and

WIN that Starting QB job

Saturday in Baltimore

Michael Phelps hope

you get to see it