Straight No Chaser: Carlos of Confusion

By Desi Cortez
Updated: August 15, 2008

I put my faith in the people…. and the people let me down….

DENVER — Carlos Boozer, member of the Redeem Team, the Mens Olympic Basketball squad, and appearently “Homey” to George W. Bush – illustrated a fact former Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver spelled out his classic Soul On Ice….

Cleaver pointed out how the press and the government, i.e. the man, the establishment – were so very quick to seek the opinion of an black athlete or entertainer on serious grave questions these high fal’lutin’ Negroes might know little about – their only qualification being they’re hi-profile , and the color of their skin.

It’s an historical tactic; during the struggle to attain equality thru integration in the armed forces, or schools or employment; In order to pacify Blacks – who were tired of being treated like un-welcomed guest in the house they built..

The White House went to Negroes like Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, Louis Armstrong Jena Horn and James Brown. All respected , but not nearly as qualified to speak on such serious topics as a WEB DuBois, Angela Davis, A. Phillip Randolph, Malcolm or Cornell West….

So the gladiator in question here, Mr. Boozer, with a pen or mic thrust in his face remarked how the team was bumping into George W. All the time, at Olympic different venues, so much so that the President was they’re “Homey”, he was “on their side.”

Well paint me green and call me a pickle…..I know, it hurts, who let this guy talk? God only knows what a ball player will say.

One must consider, way too many athletes, guys like AI and Carmelo, they haven’t earned a “A” or “B” in a history class since Romper Room, 3 rd grade. It’s akin to asking the guy who fixes vacuum cleaners and sewing machines – in his flipping garage, to tune-up NASA Rockets….

They ain’t got a clue. Opinion Page of the newspaper, National Geographic, C-SPAN…… please, some of these full grown millionaire man-cubs in the NBA and the NFL are still debating between red and blue, and I don’t mean Decorate or GOP.

Political science?! Political Science….. ?! Political Science?! You talking bout Political Science….?!

Yeah, this cat Boozer couldn’t be more wrong. Bush, on the side of Black men? get the hell outta’ here. From tax breaks for the aristocrats to leave no children behind….just turn your back on them and walk away, pretend they don’t exist – just like the hundred of thousands who are the long term unemployed and underemployed…. No Mr. Boozer, this draft dodger who’s trading blood for oil in Iraq does not have your back.

Maybe this cat is an Alcohol Syndrome baby, hence the family name Boozer. That is all I can come up with to explain such a dumb-ass, ass-backward comment, either that or this clown had an lobotomy at birth….

For all we know… Boozer is a earned name, not simply his slave name/ last name of his families last owners… maybe his fore-fathers were heavy drinkers, and their DNA has been dipped, hell soaked in Moonshine, Jack Daniels and Jimmy Beam.

Maybe he comes from a long line of Colt 45 drinkers or Mickey’s – Big Mouth, I sure as hell don’t know, but to refer to this nation’s rumbling, stumbling, fumbling, tumbling and bumbling Ivy League male cheerleader as a Homey…Considering the times we are a’ liven’ in….?

Once more, another tragic occasion when I’ll have to ask for his coveted Black Man Card, and the accompanying secret decoder ring and his Black Man size condoms….

Blame it on Night Train, Ripple, Thunderbird, Mad-Dog, 20-20… some form of firewater which has pickled his brain, whose to say?

Is this former military brat so brain-washed, he does not understand who Bush is, and what he represents? This is a situation where, if you don’t have nothing good to say, don’t say nothing.

If you don’t want to be sent back home, find your behind stateside before you can say Dick Cheney, – don’t speak the truth, just keep repeating the company lines. But, if like Carlos, you have something good to say…. sit down and shut the blank up!

Seriously, there’s too much at stake and you don’t want to send the wrong message, which is exactly what his quote became- PR, propaganda for George W. And the Republican Party.

His words might become apart of the soundtrack for a Republican/John McCain commercial featuring Bush at the Olympics – W.’s down with the brothers, he’s, in Boozer’s words….a homey, He’s got their back

Boozer, son, pay attention when I’m talking to ya’, I ain’t talking to hear my head roar; this President represents a mass movement which wants to eradicate your familiessecond class standing son – demote your ass back tothird class, 1937 status.

The angry White men who back Bush, would have you’re Black behind coming back home with the only job you could find….. trying to out jump gorillas or jam over Giraffes, like Jesse Owens came back from putting Hitler in his place, to his only place – racing horses.

Your Homey wants to go back to those good ol’days.

What’s worse, either Boozer is a Republican, actually supports Bush ( this could be; Boozer is a businessman who may vote his wallet – recall he sued the little Purple man Prince for painting a whole wing of a property Boozer’s real estate company leases ……purple – with giant rubber vaginas and penises bolted into the walls) or he’s blindly patriotic, or he just don’t know no better.

Recall George Foreman’s flag waving in 68′ at Mexico City; he unwittingly played the good house Negro compared to Smith and Carlos – and has had to defend and define that moment of his life a hundred times….and rightfully so.

Either way, it frustrating to hear grown men who’ve no concept of the political, social and economical chess game they’re pawns in, being utilized like tools by players who understand there are other levels to this game.

A few more actually, and you need a formal education, some enlightenment in order to understand your role on the worlds biggest stage for the next few days.One-time scholar-athletes…sure, right, I bet.

Boozer went to Duke, I don’t know if he graduated or not, but I can tell you this, he didn’t get an eye-opening education, he wasn’t schooled in USA History: 1492 to right here and now.

It’s one concession to even represent the USA, if a American of color refused to prop up a lie, I and millions of others could understand it. And it’s another to perform in a totalitarian country which oppresses its own population, but it’s quite another to be a willing participant in the skit President Bush is putting on for the world.