Straight No Chaser: Bum ‘Rush’

By Desi Cortez
Updated: August 1, 2008

DENVER — Rush Limbaugh, the official mouth and mind of Angry white America has a fancy to own his own NFL team, and at the moment, according to the Kansas City Star Newspaper and KMOX radio in St. Louis, he’s got in his cross-hairs the late Georgia Frontiere’s Rams.

This would be like Archie Bunker owning a franchise, it’s totally, completely and entirely unacceptable.

Currently Limbaugh runs a parody on his radio talk show Barack Obama …. the Magic Negro. He refers to Obama as the Magic Negro, Lord Obama. Need I say more.

The Pied Piper of Rednecks has a lengthy history of not merely saying things which are insulting and belittling of Black people, but he’s got a track record of supporting every individual and every political venture which was deemed detrimental to Black Folks.

Racism; it’s what Rush does. Elitism, he’s the poster-punk for it. Sexist – Rush’s picture is under the definition in Mr. Websters’ thick book. War-monger, Chicken-Hawk, yet he’s a artful draft-dodger like his boys in the White House. What sportsfan can’t recall his denigration and slighting of Philly’s bronze golden boy, Donny McNabb, and all other Black QB’s .

He has come to symbolize all that America …was.

In all earnest – this man is the Grand Pooh-Pa, the maestro of communications for a movement, which is maned by millions of paranoid, psychotic, nervous white guys who seemingly have some form of penis envy, or perhaps got a girl-friends heart stolen by some Black quarterback, lost a spelling bee to a Black nerd, I don’t know, but for whatever the reason, these cats hate Black men. It’s way, way beyond dislike.

I think White folks think Black Folks want to turn-on James Brown’s Big Payback, and never cut it off.

At the end of the day, hopefully there should be not a single Afro-American football player in American willing to perform nor put profits into the pockets of a character, whose character is as highly questionable as this Oxy-Cotton head blowhard.

Not a coach willing to coach for a human whose humanity is in doubt, and not a fan, fanatical enough – to buy a KC Chiefs’ toothpick, never-mind attend a game or buy a jersey.

Not a single Black kid who want’s to wear Rams underwear, not even Rams sanitary Napkins should be dirtied in Black America.

And there shouldn’t be any questions as to why.

The country club which is the round-table of NFL owners ought not even consider Rush’s name; in-part due to how hostile the man has been towards Black folks in general and how very divisive his ownership would prove to be.

Would Rush specify East St. Louis is not represented by his Rams?

Let me be the first to suggest…..this team, under Rush’s guidance, would strive to quickly become America’s Team. The question will of course be, whose America? The America of color, diversity and inclusion… Or a reflection of Limbaughs Black and White Lo-Definition version of the US.

FOX News would bend over… backwards, pull out the Vaseline, volunteer to do all it could, prostitute itself if need be, to showcase Rush’s venture.

The squad would walk talk… look like, and behave like BYU’s football team. Slow movin’ bull-chip talking Shawn Hannity listening-to fans who would be honored to be apart of such a segregated team.

Here, let’s call a spade a spade, and a cracker a …. cracker. White guys, a meaningful number, maybe tens of millions would get what they want, what they’d lobby for behind closed doors – an all-white team.

A step beyond Bird’s teams in Bean-Town, no token Robert Parrish or Dennis Smith, maybe, maybe ML Carr coming off the bench, I recall he relished his position.

Geez, I’d be overcome with all the Hoosier-ness that would be in the air.

Rocky vs Apollo Creed. Stallone understood America wanted to see this Black/White confrontation in 1976, and believe me, the American sports fan wants to see it even more so today.

Now, we allllllll know who really won those two epic battles. Just as we allllll know Rocky Marciano could not have beaten The Brown Bomber when Louis was in his prime. Please!

Here, I give credit when credit is due, Jake Lamotta was a gladiator, he brought it all- kitchen sink, toilet, even a hammer with him into the ring against the original Sugar. Yes, Mr. Robinson to you.

But, America’s ghetto’s and farms, they seldom produce that type of Die Hard white guy. Eastern Europe, where there’s pain and suffering, poverty, something to escape from, that’s where America will find it’s Great White Hopes, not in Texas or Montana. Sorry, I know the truth stings like bumble bee…

Rush understands football and society, he knows – as Blacks may reject his ownership of an NFL team, Whites would embrace the team. I could be wrong, but I can’t see Rush hiring a Black head coach, or having a Black QB, and I guess I’m prejudice, for if he did, I’d see it as a business move and question his motives, and have to argue with that reality, but I see Rush playing to his “ditto head” audience.

The millions who’d become fans, buy a cap, a mug, bumper stickers… who want the Rams to look like they did when Woody Strode and Woodly Lewis were the only Black players on the squad 1951.

Based upon those pioneers trails and tribulations, and even based upon Mike Vick’s lynching, I want to turn on James Browns Say it loud…I’m Black and I’m proud, keep it playing in the background while we get to work.

Rush watched Remember the Titans, he knows that hatred and animosity towards one America it still exist in White America, it’s alive and well, and he will cater to it.

In the end, never ask any man to do what a Black man should and could do for himself; if we pulled our heads out of the Alabama red dirt, sat down in the lab, with a pen and a pad… formed a Black investor group; Black monies and investments brought to the big table, before this pompous toad can leap….before Rush can be allowed to not just turn back the hands of time, of progress, but rip the damn clock right off the wall…