Sorry Michael You Are Not The Greatest Olympian

Updated: August 14, 2008



is in OVER drive in

Beijing fueled by

NBC obsessed

With Michael Phelps. Sure he is an outstanding swimmer. But what he is most of all is the object of a bunch of image makers who think they are all so smart and maybe they should for the mega bucks they get paid – who sat around NBC headquarters months ago and scripted out the Michael Phelps story confident it would all sound so natural and unrehearsed to the gullible American audience who take Bob Costa and the others seriously.

The real eternal question is

WHAT constitutes GREATNESS

is it really who has the most GOLD

Legitimate TRUE GREATNESS in Sports goes beyond the numbers. It is talent combined with the circumstances and the challenges faced. For example had Michael Phelps entered these Olympics expected to win one Gold or better NO Gold and he went on to defy ALL expectations and win 7 or 8 Gold that is surely Sports GREATNESS.

In reality Phelps is the heavy favorite in every race he is entered. And not because of some Herculean preparation way beyond what any of the other swimmers have endured. NO Michael Phelps is blessed with a “perfect” body for this Sport and a natural talent he has applied well given every advantage a swimmer could hope for since he was 3 or 4.

Michael Phelps is an outstanding Athlete

and the record books will reflect he won

more Gold Medals than anyone

If that is enough for the GLORIFICATION he is experiencing than we live in a very shallow society. WOW looks we just answered our own question. The Greatest Olympian. If this is about anything other than equating numbers with Greatness than there are certainly other Olympic athletes who ae easily Michael Phelps equal or rather better. One easy example of this class of Olympic athlete is Carl Lewis.

But if we are truly looking for the GREATEST OLYMPIAN Jesse Owens stands head and shoulders above the likes of Michael Phelps. In the annals of history and Sports African American Jesse Owens winning FOUR Gold Medals in Berlin in 1936 in front of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis promoting their Aryan propaganda is Unequaled.

Jesse Owens not competing for the United States with any huge hype machine urging him on. Rather the opposite getting very mixed reactions from and within his own country in which African Americans were still largely excluded from American society and in 1936 when Lynching were still only too common in the South. Still Owens returned to America a true HERO for his spectacular performances in Berlin and in so doing elevating and energizing these United States and the world with the Hope Hitler could be beaten.

If Michael Phelps is the GREATEST Olympian

Jesse Owens must be even more

The Olympic God see for yourself