New Life For Michael Vick

Updated: August 16, 2008


Right now unless you

are one of the Box

fans behind Bars

you’re probably

better off than

Michael Vick

That may not necessarily be the case a year from now. Those who think the NFL will NEVER let him back in or if they do that it will be a long hard humiliating climb back that might well end in Failure might have to factor in another Option. Or to make up a phrase right in front of your eyes “one league’s damaged goods is anothers Messiah.”

( if you use that phrase please credit the Box )

While you are reading the Box whatever time of day or night Michael Vick is likely sitting in a prison cell in Illinois or maybe in the exercise yard or eating one of those fine prison meals or showering in front of a bunch of guys just like back in the locker room except for the armed guards with rifles in the distance.

If that were not BAD enough Vick has world of FINANCIAL woes. He has gone from being the highest paid athlete in professional Sports to a state of BANKRUPTCY with creditors hounding him through the bars like a pack of angry dogs. Things look BLEAK. Or do they ?

A year from now when Michael should definitely be OUT of prison unless this is the worst kind of White Conspiracy to PUNISH him beyond limits as a Black Man. Keep in mind if Vick were Brett Favre he would not have done any time and he would be starting Saturday night’s exhibition game for the Jets. Justice (sic) is NOT COLOR BLIND.

But what is this about GOOD news for VIck ???

It comes straight out of left field – if we can” throw” in a Baseball metaphor – the NEWEST attempt at an alternative to the NFL is getting ready to launch. In this world of the United Football League Michael Vick might as well be the Messiah dogs or no dogs.

What separates the United Football League from all the rest. Well for better or worse Billionaire Mark Cuban of Mavericks “fame” is a major investor. And there are other Big Wigs. This League will NOT be starved for cash at least initially. What they need as though you didn’t know is Star POWER and there is no bigger name if Football available than Vick.

The model the League is building its hopes on is 1) playing its games on Friday nights, 2) capturing many of the good college players that don’t get drafted, and 3) MICHAEL VICK. Depending on how deep their pockets are it might be a formula to get them OFF the ground if nothing else. As for Vick there is NO doubt they will pay him far more than any NFL team might if any NFL team might pay him anything at all next season.

That’s if Commissioner Roger GOOdell even let’s him back ??

For Vick this could be the DREAM come true he never would have expected. Not only can he dig himself out of his financial HOLE but playing for another League, getting his skills back, performing well and behaving himself could prove his ticket BACK to the NFL in 2010.

One problem with that scenario is Vick is probably not in position to sign only a ONE year contract with the UFL. On the other hand they need him depending on Vick’s state of mind he might call their Bluff and say multi-year contract but only ONE year guaranteed.

Whatever happens it is heartening

the NFL and the animal jihadists

may not be able to give Vick

the LIFE sentence some crave as

bad as his actions his punishment

was far too harsh when others walk

free for far far greater crimes

Good Luck United Football League

and Michael Vick most of all let’s

hope REDEMPTION is near