Michelle’s Big Brother

Updated: August 31, 2008


NO he’s not an Obama

he is Craig Robinson

OLDER brother of

Michelle Robinson

Also Known As

Michelle Obama

Craig Robinson is the new coach of Oregon State Beavers Basketball and he has a far tougher job that does his brother-in-law to be elected President. Last season before Robinson took over the Beavers were 0-18 in league play and they were DEAD last in the PAC-10.

Then again Robinson is certainly not new to Basketball beginning with his years playing at Princeton University where he is considered one of the best Basketball players in that Ivy League college’s history and Twice named Ivy League Player of the Year. Princeton University is the same college his Little Sister also attended.

Robinson was good enough to be drafted in the 4th round of the 1983 NBA draft by the Philadelphia 76ers although he never played in the NBA and drifted to Europe to play there for a few years before returning to the USA where he began his coaching career rising up the Ladder one rung at a time beginning at the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1988.

It’s been a slow steady methodical rise from there over the last 20 years before landing the Oregon job. His last coaching position was at Brown University where he led that tram to record 19 victories the most in its history.

At the same time it is ALMOST needless to say ( or we wouldn’t say it at all ) Robinson is NO BARACK OBAMA of Basketball or after 20 years of Coaching he would already have 5 or 6 NCAA Championships and be coaching for the BEST teams in the NCAA making God knows $10,000,000 a year and all he can put on his credit cards.


We have an opposing view entering the Box. Where was Barack Obama 20 years ago in 1988. NO where. He had never run for any public office and he was an anonymous organizer on the South Side of Chicago whose biggest achievement was that he had just married Craig Robinson’s sister Michelle a corporate attorney in Chicago.

True enough we must admit

Oregon State’s Beavers could

theoretically conceivably implausibly

become the 2009 NCAA Champions

led by Craig Robinson then invited to

The White House by President Obama &

First Lady Little Sister Michelle Obama

on the other hand Craig Robinson will not

need to win the NCAA Championship to

spend time at The White House next year

Finally here is Craig Robinson

introducing his Little Sister

last week in Denver

” Good evening. I’m Craig Robinson, and Michelle Obama is my little sister.”

” Tonight, I want to introduce you to my sister: the girl I grew up with; the poised young woman I saw her grow into; the compassionate mother, aunt and sister-in-law she is; the passionate voice for women and children she has become; and the type of first lady she will be.”

” Sometimes, when I look at the — the woman you’re about to hear from, it’s funny to think that this is the same person who used to wake me up early — and I mean early — on Christmas morning. This is the person who would play the piano to calm me down before my big games in high school. This is the person who, even though we were allowed only one hour of television a night, somehow managed to memorize every single episode of “The Brady Bunch.”

” But when I really think back, I can also see how the person she is today was formed in the experiences we shared growing up: working hard, studying hard, having parents who wanted more for us than what they had, and always being reminded that in this country of all countries those things were possible. Now …”

” Neither of our parents went to college. My father went to work right out of high school to help pay for his brother’s college tuition. He worked at the water filtration plant for 30 years.”

” We lost my father in 1991. And I know he’s looking down on us tonight, so proud of his daughter, not because of who she married — though he was a big fan of Barack — but because of the hardworking, brilliant woman she is — (applause) — what — what she’s accomplished in her own right, the mother she’s become, and the values she’s instilled in her daughters.”

” My mother Marian is here tonight.”

She remains our family’s anchor. And the sole reason Michelle was willing to campaign at all was because she knows that mom was there to help take care of the girls. (Cheers, applause.)

” When we were young kids, our parents divided the bedroom we shared so we could each have our own room. Many nights we would talk when we were supposed to be sleeping. My sister always talked about who was getting picked on at school or who was having a tough time at home. I didn’t realize it then — but I realize it now — those were the people she was going to dedicate her life to: the people who were struggling with life’s challenges.”

” She has continued to follow that passion. She gave up a big job in a law firm to work in her community with a group called Public Allies. She trained a new generation of community leaders. She developed the University of Chicago’s community service center, connecting the university to the neighborhood that was blocks away but often worlds away from its gates. And when I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing, she was the one who encouraged me to go back to my first love, teaching and coaching. And today I’m proud to be the coach of the Oregon State men’s basketball team. Go Beavers! ”

” But she did take something away from that first law firm job: a young lawyer by the name of Barack Obama. ”

” Now, my sister had grown up hearing my father and me talk about how to judge a person’s character by what type of sportsman they are, so she asked me to take him to play basketball. (Scattered laughter.) If you’re looking for a political analysis based on his playing, here it is: he’s confident, but not cocky; he’ll take the shot if he’s open; he’s a team player who improves the people around him; and he won’t back down from any challenge.”

” Together, I’ve watched Barack and Michelle strengthen each other. I’ve watched them create a home filled with love and grounded in faith. During challenging times, I’ve watched Michelle and Barack stand by each other. And I know they’ll stand by you — the — the American people — now and in the future. ”

” So please join me in welcoming an impassioned public servant, a loving daughter, wife and mother, my little sister and our nation’s next first lady, Michele Obama. ”

If you’d like to talk

Basketball or Politics with Craig Robinson

or learn more about

him or Little Sister

you can call him at

541-737-2076 if he’s

not out Campaigning

for You Know Who