Is Rasshan Ready To Carry The Load For UCLA

Updated: August 13, 2008


Opportunity favors those

prepared to seize it

sometimes anyway

UCLA has been thrown into turmoil recently. No not the entire HUGE college complex and all its thousands of students but an EARTHQUAKE might as well have ripped through the Campus. What counts more than FOOTBALL in major American colleges. Nothing certainly not silly stuff like academic excellence, research or graduation rates.


screw academics

it’s ALL about


UCLA seemed to be all ready for its most important subject this year as every year the quality of the Football Team most of all at the key position of Quarterback. Golden Boy QB Ben Olson was poised to lead the Bruins to VICTORY and their rightful place into the Top Ten if not straight to National Champs. It would have been Rasshan Who ?

Then REALITY decided to show up in Southern California and make a SURPRISE appearance at UCLA’s pre-season practice camp. Reality swept in and BROKE QB Olson’s “ metatarsal in his right foot during a non-contact drill Saturday.” Which means SURGERY for Olson and TURMOIL for UCLA.

Enter Wannabes Kevin Kraft, Chris Forcier, Kevin Prince three nice White Boys AND African American Osaar Rasshan the least likely of the bunch to be told to stand in for Olson for the next eight weeks or is that more likely the ENTIRE season Doctor.

The idea of a BLACK Quarterback leading UCLA in 2008 was way beyond a fantasy and ultimately may still be but at least now Junior Osaar Rasshan faces no worse odds than other African American athletes at 100+ other Division 1A colleges figure 1000-1 which means he just might do what other African Americans have and actually somehow through talent, determination and the grace of God become a Starting Quarterback.

Here is how THE authoritative West Coast daily newspaper The Los Angles Times presents Rasshan in this sweepstakes at UCLA in the wake of Olson’s “fall,” Beginning with he basics. Junior, 6-4, 15 lbs. Then ” Where he’s from: Passed for 1,716 yards but completed less than 50% of his passes as a senior at Pomona Garey High. At UCLA, waited two seasons to play, then showed promise as a wide receiver last summer. (Coaches also mulled the idea of moving him to safety this spring.) Stayed at quarterback, but was orbiting the periphery of UCLA’s quarterback universe after spring practice. Now he’s returned from the outer rim.”

Followed by this analysis ….

* What he does well: Improvises. Had some success working out of the shotgun, nearly pulling off an upset over ninth-ranked Arizona State last year. Is so elusive that it’s hard for defenders to get a clean hit on him. That could be useful playing behind an inexperienced offensive line. SOUNDS GOOD SO FAR.

What he needs to work on: Passing accuracy has always been an issue. Has a strong arm, but there’s always a chance he could break a car window in the parking lot next to Spaulding Field during practice. HEAR THAT OSCAAR.

Career highlights: Had Arizona State on the ropes, when he passed for 181 yards and rushed for 41. The Bruins were set up for what might have been a winning touchdown drive, but Rasshan had a pass intercepted in the end zone. The next week, he started in a 16-0 win over Oregon and led the Bruins to two first-half field goals without completing a pass. NOT BAD NOT BAD BUT WATCH THOSE INTERCEPTIONS.

What he says: “I think I need to show them that I can run the offense consistently and make plays. What they are looking for is a leader, someone to take charge.” WELL THAT IS THE POINT THIS IS YOUR CHANCE RASSHAN.

What they say about him: “Osaar is trying to come to terms with a new offense,” Coach Rick Neuheisel said. “The one he executed last year was tailor made for him. Now it’s a new deal.” THAT’S NOT ENCOURAGING. SOUNDS OMINOUS.

But listen the good news is

LA Times put Rasshan first

in its three wannabe profiles

and at least for now Rasshan

has a fighting chance here

even if his hands are tied

behind his back as an

African American

trying to lead