Help Wanted

Updated: August 30, 2008


Unless you live in or

around Cincinnati

Ohio you have

NO idea who

Wayne Box

Miller is

Besides being smart enough to make his middle name BOX Miller is important to you if you are reading the BOX – and we can confirm you are – because he is the latest example of the problems African Americans continue to have in Sports broadcasting.

Miller’s well established Sports Talk Show on Cincinnati’s WDBZ-AM was UNceremoniously canceled on Thursday without WARNING and with NO opportunity for Miller to even say good BYE to his audience. Until his show was over thinking it was just another day on the Airwaves and thinking about Friday’s show Miller was told YOU’RE FIRED.

Excuse us actually they told Box Miller his show was immediately CANCELED not to take it personally. That the station was changing format Elevator Music or something. Except the other Hosts were not let go. A future “change” for now the station is simply CUTTING back.

And guess who was the FIRST to go. Cincinnati’s ONLY regular daily on air AFRICAN American Sports personality. NOTHING PERSONAL WAYNE but get lost anyway FAST. We’re “sorry” we have to let YOU go but would you leave right now and don’t bother saying good BYE to anyone. Let’s say get OUT in the next 30 seconds or less.

After all Box Miller only has spent every week day the last EIGHT years interviewing the BIGGEST names in Sports because of the respect and contacts he has in the industry resulting from his prior years as a Sports promoter and the respect others have for him. Like who. Like Barry Bonds. Like Charles Barkley. Like Dusty Baker and like a long long list of other African American athletes in every Sport none of the other WHITE Sports DJs could get.

Let’s give the rest of today’s Box

over to Wayne BOX Miller so

he can tell you the Story in


” If you didn’t hear me on Radio One’s 1230 WDBZ the Buzz yesterday, surprisingly, changes were made that ended my time on air as well as the Prime Time Sports Show. In this business you can walk in one day cutting your headline promo and walking out the next wondering what happen.”

” While I realize this is part of our business, I’m disappointed I didn’t get to say THANK YOU and Good Bye to the greatest group of callers and listeners any radio show could have. The knowledge, debate, humor, compassion and family we created will remain as one of the highlights of my professional career. “

” All the interviews, especially those in the studio, gave us all a perspective on the world of sports few have heard. Eric Davis sitting in the studio an unprecedented two hours “hanging out” with us; Bengal Coach Marvin Lewis calling on the way to training camp to say hello and give one final update; Barry Bonds agreeing to talk with me and no other members of the Cincinnati Media, and UC football Coach Brian Kelly calling in weekly to make sure we were “included” in football updates with regularity. The personal pleasure of talking with Negro League players, John Carlos of the 1968 Mexico Olympic games as well as several members and Coach Don Haskins of Texas Western (now UTEP), will be timeless portraits that hang in my mental hallway.”

” The live broadcast from the Anthony Munoz, Doug Pelfrey and Curtis-Breeden Golf Classics as well as the Marvin Lewis Community Fund Tailgate Parties were signature events as well. You know I could go on but we can reminisce one day soon together.”

” What’s next for me? Certainly more radio or TV; business opportunities or something you may have never seen coming. All I can say is GOD is good and my faith kicked in like the perfect baton hand off yesterday, and is running with me like Usain Bolt! Ahh a beautiful sports metaphor….”

” So yes I’ll still be on Channel 5 doing Sports Rock, writing my column in the Cincinnati Herald and blogging right here with more frequency for now. I’ll also take a day or two to just rest and get ready for the next exciting phase of my life. But rest assured the days ahead will be filled with some uncertainty, but just as certain it will be filled with memories of our time together on the Prime Time Sports Show. It has been a wonderful ride these past 8 years and I won’t thank any callers by name because the ones that called and those of you who just listened are all MVP’s (Most Valuable Participants) in my book. Thank you again for believing in me and allowing me to do what I love, talking sports with you; not too you. And now its time to turn off the lights in the Clubhouse…”

” And as we say on the Prime Time Sports Show when its all said and done, and there’s nothing else left to be said, we simply say in a smooth kind of way: Game Over GOD Bless.”

Well BOX you’ve got a lot

more class than the Jerks

who dumped you it’s

their LOSS now how

about doing some

Sports TALK here

at BASN just one

thing you have to

drop BOX from

your name it’s

already taken

right HERE