Gold Today Gone Tomorrow

Updated: August 2, 2008


Sydney’s Olympics seem

so long ago and far away

8 years way back in 2000

but NOT for some they are

more alive or should we say

DEAD today than 2008’s

upcoming Beijing Games

If there is a Silver Lining to this Story it is Golden and it belongs to Nigeria. What African Americans have “lost” Africans have gained. FOUR Gold Medals stripped from the USA 4X400 meter relay team in Sydney Australia back in 2000.

To be more precise because of the SINS of One Four must suffer. You can of course counter-argue IF not for the “sins” of Antonio Pettigrew admitting to using Steroids before the Race Team USA would NOT have won the Gold. NIgeria would have.

Either way Pettigrew PROVES that lots of Steroid use is hidden from these Tests guaranteed to uncover illegal substance use. Obviously 8 years ago sprinter Pettigrew PASSED his Urine Test or he and the others would not be walking around the last 8 years with Gold.

Another useful Theme in this Saga is once again the fact that things happen in strange ways and often when a matter seems long past. What got Pettigrew and the others “by association” is that Antonio was forced to testify at the trial of his former coach Trevor Graham who got mixed up in the BALCO investigations. Pettigrew could have lied if he had no moral problem with doing so except his FALSE testimony might have led to his own indictment.

When the Choice is Gold or Jail the decision should be easy. When it is both lose the Gold and go to Jail a very real possibility for Pettigrew the Choice is even easier. Pettigrew lost his Gold back in June after his Testimony. He didn’t wait to be asked he mailed his Gold back to the IOC. Now his three teammates Michael Johnson, Angelo Taylor and Jerome Young got their inevitable notice from the IOC “send back your Gold Medal Gentlemen it is not yours any longer.”

Call it Guilt by association

if you like but in reality

the other three don’t have

a leg to stand on let alone

two three or four in this

matter in a Relay Race

the Team is no Better

than its Weakest Link

Loser Antonio Pettigrew

Olympic Steroid Abuser