Bomb Shell

Updated: August 8, 2008


This Story just keeps

getting BETTER and

BETTER and no one is

covering it BETTER

than the Black Box

Where else have you read about the implications of a leading high school Basketball phenom and an established NBA player going to play BB in Europe rather than USA.

NO where else but they

are just the tip of this

ICEBERG now here

comes the ICEBERG

Actually there are two ICEBERGS that seem to be on a trajectory for Europe. The “weather service” has even given them names LeBron and Kobe. If just one of them rams into the Titanic ( otherwise known as the NBA ) head for the lifeboats. If both ICEBERGS slam into this Titanic say your Jubilant Prayers for the SINKING NBA and Captain David Stern.

This story is moving faster than we had expected. We did not factor in LeBron James and/or Kobe Bryant. We should have. Then again since both of them are FANS of the Black Box (don’t tell anyone it is top secret) actually we should take credit.

Seems in recent days both James and Bryant who will be FREE agents after this next season are now spreading “rumors” they have NO problem playing in Europe the following season. OF COURSE THEY MEAN if some European Basketball team offers them substantially more than an NBA team. Or maybe not. Keep reading.

In fact why call it a rumor. Here is what LeBron said in Beijing this week AND WE QUOTE “Growing up, you never think about any other league besides the N.B.A.,” James said at the United States men’s basketball team news conference Friday morning. “But things are changing really fast and you never know. I can’t throw all my eggs in one basket. There are going to be a lot of opportunities for me in 2010 to decide if I want to stay with Cleveland or if I want to go elsewhere.” Asked if he ever imagined the possibility of playing abroad, he added: “Did I ever imagine it? No. Is it a possibility? Yes.”

Don’t just call that an ICEBERG

cal it an EARTHQUAKE

magnitude 10

( or a BOMB shell )

That one statement by LeBron James has just changed the WORLD of Basketball forever. Let’s not forget Kobe. Here is what Kobe said AND WE QUOTE The Associated Press originally reported that Bryant could have interest in playing professionally in Europe. “I’d go. I’d probably go,” said Bryant, during a USA Basketball press conference on Friday morning. “Like Milan or something like that, where I grew up or something like that? Peace out.” Bryant continued: “Do you know any reasonable person that would turn down 50 (million dollars)?”

That’s right the number both James and Bryant are throwing around is $50Million for ONE year of European BBall. What NBA team will top that. NONE OF THEM. How could a European team pay so much. Easy.

Many of these teams are owned by Gazillionaires just like here but 1) they all have minuscule payrolls now compared to NBA teams, 2) they do NOT have salary caps, and most important of all 3) it is a very good INVESTMENT. Their team will gain instant fame worldwide, sell out everywhere they plays, be media darlings, and get huge broadcast exposure.

( think of it like the Jets hiring Brett Favre )

For those of you who like your marketing terms it is called BRANDING the team and European Basketball in general. Let’s not forget the LARGER picture. Getting LeBron or Kobe how about both will advance professional European Basketball more in one season than otherwise in a decade or more. And there is more. Other than Soccer Basketball is the most popular Sport worldwide now. Taking Basketball to the next level outside the USA is very natural.

Now let’s look at the other side

of this European basketball

The AFRICAN American side. NBA big deal. All players have to do is expand their thinking and then there is nothing different about playing in the NBA as anywhere else. Why is having a love-hate relationship with fans in Los Angeles or Cleveland better than being ADORED in Italy or Greece while being paid more money and having more fun.

There isn’t any

It is even better than that. Players like LeBron James or Kobe Bryant are not going to sign more than ONE year contracts at least initially with any European team which means it will increase their leverage with NBA teams that want them back plus going away for a year while making more money would make their return to the NBA a very big deal and them more popular than ever here. And if not they can definitely keep playing in Europe then how about Asia or South America for more money than they can get here while playing longer.

This REVOLUTION has begun

NO it isn’t going to have any

impact on your miserable life

and the pile of bills you face

but just like other Revolutions

around the world you’ll be able

to sit back and watch it on TV

while you worry about your problems back here in The Real World

David Stern ” I’M GOING TO CRY “