Black Glove Black Mask

Updated: August 5, 2008


Sorry we could not find

an African American

Olympian in Beijing yet

wearing a Team USA

BLACK mask so one of

the White “brothers”

will have to do Today

But it does NOT matter. In fact i’s even BETTER. The BLACK fist protest of Mexico City 1968 ONLY associated with African Americans athletes 40 years later the BLACK mask associated with ALL the American Olympic athletes but with a clear and unmistakable legacy back to Tommie Smith and John Carlos in 1968.

What is so so so so so incredible here is this Amazing Juxtaposition at an Olympics in which the Chinese repressors have apparently with great success SUCKERED the rest of the world into leaving any form of protest out of the 2008 Olympics. Not that most of them needed to be SUCKERED. Most of them “live in” Sucker City. Who more than GWB.

The Chinese have been undone by the one aspect of their society that does trouble Bush, Sarkosy and the Others who are rushing to Beijing to kiss Chinese Butt. POLLUTION. We are all bigger sinners when it comes to Pollution but no country on Earth is as POLLUTED as China. The Air, the Water, the Land and it is going to get far far worse in the coming years.

Average Chinese are being decimated by Pollution in their own country. Virtually every single major river in Chinas is an open cesspool of Pollution. Thousands of chemical and manufacturing plants being allowed to pump tons of raw toxins into them every single day of the year. Polluted skies engulfing every large and small Chinese city. Millions of Beijing residents live every day of their lives in the pea soap pollution smog the athletes face for only a short time.

The very same China in which thousands of Chinese children died in the recent earthquake when hundreds of schools collapsed from shoddy construction allowed by CORRUPT local Communist Party officials while their own well built office and apartment building were little damaged.

BLACK glove BLACK mask indeed. Some Justice coming from American Athletes who without any intent on most of their parts have been “recruited” to PROTEST the Olympics in China wearing BLACK masks to protect their lungs.

Even if the only message delivered by photos like the one above was to make visual the horrendous pollution in China FORCING athletes to do something they have not done in over 2000 years of Olympics encompassing the Original and Modern Olympics. Wear masks.

But the fact is Sports Fans – AND THIS IS THE POINT – because of Tommie Smith’s and John Carlos iconic historic now mythic BLACK glove protest of 1968 psychologically American Olympic Athletes wearing BLACK masks at the Beijing Olympics has far far more meaning that wearing such protective masks would otherwise.

But the picture will not be complete

until we have the first photos of

African American Olympians

in Beijing wearing BLACK

masks at the 2008 Olympics


it won’t happen but if

Tommie Smith and

John Carlos were to

have themselves

pictured wearing

BLACK masks

we’d pay more

for that photo

than Brad and

Angelina got

for photos of

their twins



Beijing Torch ” PLEASE DON’T BREATHE “