Back From The Dead

Updated: August 3, 2008


Please PRETTY please

ALL I want is ONE more

Chance to PROVE myself

in the NFL PRETTY please

Quincy Carter definitely has a case. If you ask us. He was SCREWED twice first by the Dallas Cowboys then by the New Jersey Jets. Since then BLACK QUARTERBACK Quincy Carter now 30 has been BOUNCING around Arena Football. Bouncing indeed.

If you need to be reminded Carter was humiliated by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and then Head Coach Bill Parcells unceremoniously escorted from the Cowboys training camp after taking them to the Play-offs the previous season. Our take Jerry Jones would do anything to RID himself of a BLACK Starting QB who might have kept that job for 5 or 6 or more years. America’s Team’s” (sic) colors are blue and silver NOT Black. Not at Quarterback.

( yes there is another side you can take not us )

Then Quincy Carter hooked up with the Jersey Jets as a Back-up to the Dreaded Chad Pennington who is definitely one of the UNDEAD who refuses to go away no matter what. Anyway when Chad suffered one of his daily injuries Quincy Carter did a superb job taking over and advancing the Jets toward the Post-Season except Pennington DEMANDED “his” job back even though it was obvious he was still injured but he knows a threat when he sees one.

After that things went downhill for Carter again and he ended up released by these Jersey Jets and putting himself into rehab with the hopeless idea that would land him another NFL opportunity. That was 3 seasons ago. Since then Quincy has been here and there in the football “underworld” referring to Arena Football and other invisible pro football organizations.

For players like Carter and especially BLACK Quarterbacks so often cast off by NFL teams the option of still playing football somewhere anywhere and making enough money at it to pay the grocery bills and the landlord is better than letting the Dream completely DIE.

Where are we going with this ???

RIGHT TO DAVIE FLORIDA and the Miami Dolphins 2008 training camp. YES guess who has been invited to Camp to see if they can impress YES that’s right Bill Parcells among others that Quincy has the Right Stuff to make at the very least to the pre-season schedule wearing a Dolphins uniform and getting some “face time” as Quarterback. YES it’s Quincy Carter.

Better yet listen to this quote

from the Canadian Press

( why not we’ll take a good quote from anywhere … )

” Play from the team’s three signed quarterbacks has been so inconsistent the past week that Miami even resorted to working out Quincy Carter, an Arena Football League quarterback who started for the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets before poor play and drug-related arrests ended his NFL career after the 2004 season. The team has no immediate plans to sign Carter.”

now don’t go bet your lunch money

that Carter will make the Dolphins

and don’t bet anything that he will

ever START another NFL game

but what a Story that would be

let’s PRAY for Quincy Carter

BLACK Quarterback