A Lighter Shade Of Green

By Gary Norris Gray
Updated: August 16, 2008

Brett FavreCALIFORNIA — Why do older professional players refuse to leave the game when their playing skills diminish? The recent events known as “The Brett Favre Story”, is a case in point. Favre was traded from the Green Bay Packers to the New York Jets at the end of his career.

Similar stories like this have been played out for over 50 years with many other older professional athletes being traded in baseball, basketball, hockey, and football. The list is extensive. BASN writer L.A Batchelor stated the names and the times in his article “TEN BURNING QUESTIONS, The Favre Saga”.

Many football fans loved Favre before this summer events however the mood has changed this fall and no-longer the fans favorite. Remember that Monday Night football game in Oaklanda when the Packers beat up the Raiders?

It happen one day after his father died. Favre could have thrown the football to the moon that night and a Packer would have caught it. Most Americans were in his corner when his wife, Dianna battled cancer a few years ago.

Favre played for the Green Bay Packers for almost two decades. He holds most of the NFL quarterback records but there is one record Favre desires — the most games played consecutively by a player. This record is currently held by an African American, defensive lineman Jim Marshall of the Minnesota Vikings.

Marshall played 282 consecutive games throughout his carrier, but he also has the record of 270 successive starts as a defensive end. His first game was in Cleveland in 1960. His last game was in Foxboro, Mass. against the New England Patriots in Jan. 1979.

Mr. Farve will have to play for another two years to achieve and surpass this record as a starting quarterback. The Packers wanted to move forward with a younger player at the quarterback position. Fourth year man Aaron Rodgers from the University of California will take charge this fall.

Be it right or wrong, this is what Green Bay needed and wanted to do. The Packers did not want to stand still another two years with Favre. The Packer administration could not trust Brett’s commitment to the organization because he was only interested in himself and that unknown and obscure record.

For one reason or another, Favre wants to achieve this record. He was so desperate that he was willing to play for a division arch rival Minnesota, a team that held this unknown and unpublished record.

The truth of the matter is, it was never about the money. The facts will come out sooner or later. Favre wants to end his carrier achieving this obscure record. This would also wipe out the accomplishments of Jim Marshall, who played at a more difficult position on the field. A position where he was getting hit on every play unlike a professional quarterback.

A few questions need to be asked.

1. Did the NFL administrators step in and enlighten and persuaded Green Bay to send Favre to New York City? The Jets, not the Giants because the G-men would appear ludicrous acquiring a old veteran quarterback after winning the Super Bowl with the rising star QB Eli Manning. The NFL’s Golden Boy playing in the Big Apple is a dream comes true. ESPN has already crowned him Broadway Brett.

2. Within hours after the trade the number 4 pea soup green New York Jet football jerseys flew off the shelves. Could it have been a well conceived marking tool by the NFL? could it be garnered profits for the New York Jets and the National Football League?

3. Could it be a plan to get the New England Patriots off the sports front pages? Could it be a diversion to garner attention away from last years SpyGate Scandal? So far it has worked. The question still remains WHY?

Neither sports media networks or sports interviewers have mention this fact or have asked Favre this question. Well we have a right to know. Why is this record so important? Why does he feel the need to pursue the record held by Jim Marshall? After all he is one of the greatest quarterback in NFL history.

Favre current records include Carrier Passing yards over 65,000, passing attempts over 8,000, completions over 5, 600, Touchdown passes over 480, carrier wins over 170.

Now, he wants most games played by an individual.

One last question. Would the media, the NFL, or the team been as admirable if it had been quarterback Donovan McNabb, Byron Leftwich, Charlie Batch, Aaron Brooks, Vince Young, or Quinn Gray (no relation)?

Just asking.