Walk Off Homer What A Joy!!

Updated: July 10, 2008


It was just a lazy late afternoon

mid-week summer MLB game

the only one bring played late

Thursday afternoon of no

special importance at all

Seattle vs. Oakland

EXCEPT FOR EMIL BROWN. AFRICAN American MLB player Emil Brown. His Solo Homer in the bottom of the 11th inning ROCKED his and Seattle’s world for a day anyway with Oakland winning 3-2. In fact far more than a day for AFRICAN American Emil Brown who like any player will always remember his so called walk OFF Home Runs.

Sorry did we remember to tell you Emil Brown is AFRICAN American. Be assured it is the ONLY reason for today’s Box about a typical easily forgotten “meaningless” mid-season game. YES it is important for that one reason. The Box staff watches many if not all MLB games on MLB.TV compliments of our “employer” BASN.

And without the Statistics to back it up – since BASN does not provide quite that big a staff to the Box – still it seems unmistakable this year THIS year it is far more common to find AFRICAN Americans on MLB teams than in recent years past. Considerably more.

Granted a few may be Latinos masquerading as African Americans because of “anglicized” names but really not many if any. We also check place of birth. An all important qualifier. BELIEVE IT OR NOT. We have watched games this season with FOUR that’s right FOUR African Americans in a team’s line-up and the other team with 2 or 3 in theirs. Of course practically NEVER Pitchers and NEVER EVER Catchers. Still it should be impossible but it’s not !

So when AFRICAN American Emil Brown came up to the Plate with one out in the bottom of the 11th in Oakland the entire Box staff watching – don’t tell the Boss – none of us were all that Surprised that he did or that he WON the game.

But where are they coming from ?

Don’t say you know. You do NOT. It is a True Mystery. Yes obviously most were buried invisibly one team’s Minor League System or anther’s. The point is something is happening there. Also obviously a few more than before invisible Black high school players undrafted and unnoticed are finding their way onto Minor League teams.

And once there are SURPRISING management with their talent and drive. And one by one unnoticed slowly and now more quickly floundering MLB teams are turning to talented AFRICAN Americans in their Minor League System. God knows they are NOT coming out of the Colleges like so many White players do since it is a rare day when you even find even one African American on a college squad, and few are bring Drafted by MLB teams but still they are here on the REAL World of MLB Baseball in increasing numbers.

Here is our Theory



As we have argued since the inception of the Box again and again and again talented young athletes with superior intelligence and tremendous determination have the GENERIC skills to play most Sports well. Young African Americans in recent years and let’s credit their parents and advisors as well – have taken to heart 1) the senseless lack of interest among African Americans in Baseball, that 2) Baseball in many ways is a BETTER Sport to play than Basketball and certainly Football, 3) if they can play those others Sports well they can just as likely play Baseball well, and so 4) why not improve their odds for a SUCCESSFUL Sports career not focusing like everyone else on Basketball and Football but rather on Baseball.

Sure this might be a Fantasy

on our part call it Fantasy Baseball

if you want but do what we do and

subscribe to MLB.TV and watch

enough games this season and

Fantasy Baseball may turn into

REALITY Baseball for you

too we may have turned

the Corner let’s hope so

and as for Emil Brown


Jackie Robinson ” THANK GOD “