Toyota Over Here We Can Help

Updated: July 25, 2008


Toyota has a Problem

we have a Solution

Turns out Toyota’s cars are too FAST for NASCAR. That’s right too FAST. Seems Toyota cars have been winning most NASCAR events recently 21 of 26 which leads NASCAR officials to the “logical” (sic) conclusion that their engines need to be dumbed down.

Now by itself that would not be much of a story for the Box but we see good stories where others see nothing at all. It starts by having a Black-centric view of the Sports World which most if not all of the OTHER media lack.

There is no doubt Toyota and specifically their racing teams and company execs responsible for getting Toyota marketing “mileage” from spending lots of money on Auto Racing NO doubt they are pissed NASCAR is ordering them to give up their advantage by modifying their engines so their NASCAR cars run slower. Of course NASCAR is not saying that EXACTLY “all they are doing” is ordering Toyota to make some very specific engine modifications ….

and ‘by chance’ AFTER the changes

Toyota cars are GUARANTEED

to race more slowly and LOSE

Making things worse for Toyota the vast majority of NASCAR fans the Sports White Bread and butter ( get it ) HATE Toyota for winning so often. The point is these red WHITE and blue fans who number in the millions or is it billions show their patriotism NO not by going to Iraq and getting screwed or maybe worse Afghanistan NO these NASCAR fans support America and the troops by rooting for the Fords and the Chevys. SO patriotic !

NOW MAKE BELIEVE YOU ARE TOYOTA no not one of their cars but a top decision maker. Obviously you want to keep WINNING that is the point of racing especially auto racing since the cars that WIN are needless to say judged the best. So next time you go to buy a car for yourself and the kids and the dog you say to yourself why not buy the BEST.

WHAT’S THE POINT Black Box ??? A very good one. Toyota has a problem that seems to have no solution unless you think racing slower cars and losing most NASCAR races is a “solution.” Toyota needs to fight back using the greater good principle combined with the ability to legitimately accuse NASCAR of DISCRIMINATING.

First some Auto Racing 101. All you need to know. It’s the cars that win NOT the drivers. Bet on the best car as proven by Toyota. All the other very well funded teams have drivers as good as if not better than Toyota but still Toyota has won 21 of the 26 most recent major races.

WAKE UP TOYOTA. Hire. train and race BLACK drivers. Could you imagine if Toyota was the only – since there are none – NASCAR competitor with AFRICAN American drivers in all these races. IF BLACK drives had won 21 of 26 races then NASCAR announces they will force Toyota to slow down their race cars meaning LOSE races.

Holy Moly. We are RIGHTLY talking front page New York Times, lead story on the broadcast news, Congressional investigations, mega protests. Just maybe we said MAYBE Barack Obama would even issue a statement CONDEMNING NASCAR make that very cautiously criticizing NASCAR but making it clear NOT their WHITE fan base.

GUARANTEED if Toyota’s NASCAR drivers were Black Toyota would NOT have to modify their engines right now. It’s called JUSTICE Box fans. Since African Americans have been kept out of NASCAR effectively forever that discrimination can be turned to advantage in a situation like this. And we are SERIOUS. Unfortunately even Toyota plays by the “rules” as biased and unjustified as they are because NASCAR has the POWER to do whatever they want.

So Toyota will now

LOSE races it should


Americans will keep


as always and always