‘T-Jack Is Our Guy’ So Brett Favre Please Go To Hell Or Stay In Green Bay

Updated: July 15, 2008


The only Good Thing about

writing about a Jack Ass

like Brett Favre sorry did

we say Jack Ass well

we’ll remove that later

( NO not really )

still it does once again

remind us how close we

are this year again to


Now for all the WHINERS who complain about some of the “language” in the Box. If you actually knew what was good for you and for Society you’d APPLAUD our Terminology and wish that Others in the Media were so accurate and Truthful. Rather than hiding behind FEAR of their Editor and their own Weakness.

YES here we have the “great” Brett Favre who made such a tearful departure from Football. After ALL last season week after week telling everyone in Green Bay and in his warped mind around the entire universe be SAD no matter how hard they might try to stop him yes the “great” Brett Favre knew it was time to hang up his helmet. And he would ??

RIGHT. HOW ABOUT CON JOB. In many instances we would not waste a Box on a White Con Artist in Sports. They’re are too many to count. But in this case what seems to be “inspiring” Favre motivating him to be determined to come back is that he has one of the only too few BLACK Starting NFL Quarterbacks in his sights.

Brett Favre is a “veteran” he knows that it is as certain as frigid weather in Green Bay that any African Americans who has somehow fought his way to a STARTING Quarterback position is ALWAYS vulnerable. That the owners, coaches, White Racist Fans would like nothing BETTER than to find a way to get RID of “their” Black Quarterback.

Tavaris Jackson who up until recently might have lulled himself into believing his STARTING Quarterback position with the Minnesota Vikings was SECURE for the 2008 season now has to think again and again and again that he might be left empty handed stalking the Sidelines while the GREAT White Brett Favre “leads” the Minnesota Vikings this season.

While worrying is Jackson’s only logical choice under the circumstances the Jack Ass – his new official title – Brett Favre is running into some problems. Poor poor Brett. Seems the Green Bay Packers are not thrilled that Brett has taken them for a ride SUCKERED them all into believing he was really retiring with his CRYING act ( see above ). Sine he is still under contract to Green Bay it seems if he wants to “play” he may have to not-play as the “new” (sic) Green Bay back up Quarterback to new STARTING Quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Maybe more likely the Bays will be willing to trade Favre to some hapless team that needs a BACK up Quarterback but if the Packers can be believed – remember these are NFL Big Wigs not the most reputable people on Earth – if you believe them they will NOT trade Brett Favre to another National Football Conference team but to some team in the Other Conference.

Maybe trade him to the pathetic New Jersey Jets. But wherever he goes he will be Vilified by the current Quarterbacks because they will each live in FEAR that Favre’s BACK up status may turn into the STARTING QB role leaving them on the Sidelines. Doing nothing.

As for Tavaris Jackson a least one of his Teammate’s is showing some BACKbone. How rare is that among AFRICAN American NFL players. Viking Safety Darren Sharper was willing to speak out publicly right where the Media could hear him. WOW.

Here is what Sharper said ” T-Jack is OUR guy. I have the utmost confidence in Tavaris. With the team we have, I think we can make it to the SuperBowl.” THAT’S RIGHT The Vikes are on a lot of short Lists for SuperBowl contenders with AFRICAN American Quarterback Tavaris Jackson LEADING them but he still must now worry …..

…….. that almost 40 something newly “retired” Brett Favre is trying to STEAL his job using his WHITE credentials the “best” kind to have in American Sports and if the Packers cooperate he could CON the Willing Vikes to welcome a Jack Ass but let’s hope not.

So now you know if you didn’t

at the START of today’s Box

understand WHY Brett Favre

is a Jack ASS to anyone

with any concern for

the few AFRICAN

American Starting


in the NFL

you do