Straight No Chaser: Serving His Masters Well

By Desi Cortez
Updated: July 25, 2008

DENVER — I’m afraid USA Today’s word-smith Jarrett Bell has his head shoved so-very high up the national newspaper’s owners ass, that if Mr. Ken Paulson passes gas… he’ll blow Bell’s head clean off…. decapitate him.

It appears, and I could be wrong, but Bell allowed himself to be….uh, prostituted — in order for Arthur Blank to fabricate a new beginning, a new All-American image, at least that’s the way he played it in his Sports section cover-page piece a few days ago.

It’s one thing to paint-a-rosy-picture of the beheaded Atlanta Falcons, do a little cheerleading, but it is quite another to completely avoid the issue of race in this gridiron train wreck.

Bell cited a number of factors which contributed to and continue to fuel the Falcons current dead men walking status; a transient population, residing in a city not known as a “sports town”, prices and historical success… or lack of. But Mr Bell somehow was able to steer clear of the role of race in this pigskin yarn.

The NFL’s Atlanta franchise is making a deliberate and clear attempt to bring back the disgruntled White guy fan, but Mr Paulson doesn’t want that perspective printed. White guys refuse to admit race is relevant in the sports world.

Instead we’re all suppose to pacify their childish whims, placate they’re obvious Michael Jackson like sensitivities and insecurities, and pretend those — who are the children of a generation which resisted integration, inclusion, diversity whatever you want to call it are today…. color-blind.

Give me a flipping break.

What? Am I to be either ignorant or oblivious to the tactical tossing around of words like “hope” “character” and “values” , which are terms sportsfans know is coded-word for “White athlete”, ear-risers for the caucasian fan, of all persuasions … smoke-signals designed to send a clear message.

You won’t be forced to look at a jet-black uppity boy at the Quarterback position…It’s a new brighter sunnier day in the ATL., now that the Great White Hope, Matt Ryan is the All-American poster-boy.

I’d have to guess Vick wasn’t All-American enough for the folks in Buggtussell, Hooterville, Green Acres and Pedicoat Junction. But, that’s logical if you note — Senator Obama, Mrs. Obama, and his mamma, and even an ex-Jarhead Corpsman, Rev. Wright have all had their Americanism questioned.

Few Blacks are worthy of, nor embody the All-American tag bestowed on you by White folks; Jesse Owens whipping Hitler’s ass, (then coming back here to race horses) George Foreman waving the flag in Mexico City, O.J. running thru the Airport, jumping over White folks, any Black dude saving a white guy in some movie are add, especially a little White Girl.

Uncle Ben on the Rice Box, the Cream of Wheat gentleman, Aunt Jemima and Buck-Wheat. These characters all put White folks at ease.

It’s newsworthy Blank is going from being Don Cornelius hosting Soul Train to Dick Clark, spinning the Top 40 on American Bandstand. Pandering to the Vanilla suburbs, while turning his back on the Chocolate City.

Calculating Black folks got no where else to go, if you win, they’ll bring they’re dumb asses back overnight. Gambling a “new and improved” product, with a kid who looks like you kid, will bring back the rank & file red-necks.

Colored boys down in Georgia , from now on, will be seldom seen and hardly ever heard. Hell if Blanks millions could buy it, he’d raise Aunt Bee from the Mayberry RFD Cemetery and dig up Walt Disney from beneath Epcot, put them both side-by-side in a commercial with Matt Ryan, all eating apple pie, sipping on coke, maybe some darkies sitting on the porch behind.

Confederate Flag flying in the breeze…just to send that winkedy-wink-wink to the frustrated sportsfan. The guy who wants sports to go back to the good ol’days, when white guys didn’t let Black guys play… just because.

C’mon boys, it’s no secret — Vick drew the wrath, and I mean of Gone With The Wind proportions; Let’s discuss this like full grown folks; Vick was despised by a significant portion of White fans because he’s Black, and they didn’t like his attitude.

He failed to make them fill comfortable. Just as Barry Bonds, Jesse Jackson, Terrell Owens, Al Sharpton, Randy Moss, Kobe, Kanye West….are hated by a notable segment of the U.S. population, simply due to their skin color and deposition

And, on the Black-hand side, Blacks loved him because of his skin color, of course, we all catch hell because of that common element. But, because we recognized he was playing the position ….like many of us knew we could play it, if permitted, from Pee-Wee on…..

He was placed on the mantle for all he symbolized from day-one. Mr. Bell, that fact had to be apart of your story. That’s why despite Vick’s popularity — Gomer, Goober and Jethro walked out the first day he walked on the Field.

Another fact Mr. Bell; the club got rid of the outspoken/uppity/ unappreciative human chattel who refused to be plantation-men, abide by the company line of “hear, see nor speak no evil of Blanks decisions.

Like the one to ignore Coach Emmit Thomas, and go with Jacksonville’s Bill Smith, yet another genius or guru, who possess that unique Doctor Doo-Little ability, to …talk to the animals, communicate and motivate the child like Mandingos, break the game down to a level the Black player can decipher. A modern day Tarzan, who can still sit down with the aristocratic owners.

Why can’t you tell it, like it really is? How can you omit the meat, and call it stew?

Sorry Jarrett, you’ll have to hand over your Black Man credentials. Including the pen with the feather on it. Bell, you just blew your credit ability in the brown eyes of many a thinking and enlightened man-of-color, You took the literary road most traveled, and that makes all the difference.

Blank disposed of Warrick Dunn, truly an officer and gentleman of the game, with game still left in him. Hall and Crumpler, guys who harbored misgivings about how the chips fell in the aftermath of the Mike Vick lynching

These guys were let go, in-part to please Atlanta’s Archie Bunker base, yes, I did say base, foundation if you will. This racial element of the saga – was pureposefully left out, because Bell knows better than tell the truth.

Bell well understands… he refers to Ryan or Favre or Shockey or Brady as what they are for all intense purposes – Great White Hopes in his column – it would end up where my submissions land…in editors name trash can.

But yet, Bell knows, that’s what they referred to in the Barbershop his father goes to. And it’s not so much a slap at the player; I respect and like Manning, Breeze, Favre. The tag is a manifestation more of the fans and press, the wanna-bes’ the scorned, than it is the player.

Its somewhat odd how White folks are always shocked when there hear how Black peopleactually see the nation, our national pastimes, nevertheless, editors and publishers seldom deem a Black mans thoughts newsworthy are publishable for the mainstream.

When Vick beat the beloved Golden Boy Farve, nonetheless on the hallowed, postseason sacred frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, in-climate weather and all…. that feat, just as it endeared No. 7 to men who look like him.

It spit-in-the-eye of Fred and Barney, it signaled the end of an era of smoke and mirrors was shattered…..White male fans took their hate for Vick to another deeper level of paranoia and jealously.

It seems we’ve forgotten Mike Vick had no police record, which is phenomenal if you contrast that with his peers. The crime he’s in jail for, was a misdemeanor six months, before the dragnet fell on him.

Vick’s a fool, not a gangster, Blank could have stood by him, the city would have, but not the Burbs nor local corporate sponsors. Oprah, if she owned the Falcons, would have kept her arm around Mike through all this.

Weed? Weed? Are we talking bout’ weed? C’mon man, you’ kidding me? Weed? Ahh man! Weed? No charges were ever filed for the airport/weed incident.

Guilty? Vick was guilty of sleeping around, passing Herpes around… He and millions of other reckless, impulsive, immature Americans. He’s needs counseling, not a public hanging conducted bya mob of angry White folks.

Permit me to be blunt. In a nuttsack, this nation did to Vick, what they wanted to do to O.J. and Kobe. Blank couldn’t stop it, nor could Goodell, maybe they didn’t want to.

But it’s clear The Atlanta Falcons are White Washing everything, and Mr. Bell allowed himself to be rung, like a Dollar store door chime, and I’m disgusted and let down by your Gumby-like spine, how it bent like pretzel at crunch time, when you were suppose to be a Burning Bush of truth, not a simmering bowl of spoiled Sushi.