Straight No Chaser: Seeing Isn’t Believing

By Desi Cortez
Updated: July 8, 2008

DENVER — You can’t watch sausage being made, if you did, you wouldn’t eat it. You can’t see the coffins come home from George W’s dirty little bloody war, containing the bodies of young soldiers.

If you did, you wouldn’t support an endless war. Nor can you see exactly what Superman juice NFL players smear on their asses. It would make you question the authenticity of their success.

You can’t see how many NBA referee’s practice deceit, and you can’t see how an NFL dynasty swindled its way to immortality in New England. You may walk away from the game.

You can’t see what really happened on 9/11 and you can’t see what took place behind closed doors – in order for Bush to get two terms in the White House. If you did, you might start an revolution……

I guess it’s comforting somebody much sharper than I…. determined for me, what I can’t understand; corruption, political conspiracy, incompetence, greed, market manipulation ….

What adds insult to this repeated swift kick to the crouch, you and I – the entertainment consumer – the sportsfan, the citizen shareholder. We are, you and I, dig this; the little people who make this all happen.

We feed the machine, we man the machine, we consume the machine’s product. Yes that’s right, the everyday consumer/citizen, we’re the magical goose – who endlessly lay golden eggs.

We should be coveted and treated with dignity and respect, but instead, men like Goodell, President Bush, David Stein, and Bud Selig ….. all of them work for and are blindly loyal to the fat-cat country club which has but one goal — to make mo’money every year, by any means required.

Lie to voters, lie to fans, what’s the difference? Let players cheat, let politicians cheat, let refs’ fix games, permit police officers to apply street justice – arrest, try, convict and brutally execute young Black men, on the corner.

Allow coaches to steal signals from their opposition, and let Major league owners operate a ga-zillion trillion dollar on sports industry like the West Virginia State Fair. Yeah, that’s an insult ….

Allow a draft-dodging Ivy league cheerleader declare war on a foreign nation, without constitutional (peoples) approval. Let college’s pimp and exploit poor undereducated 18 year old kids, some who read and write at a middle school level, for millions upon millions of dollars — in exchange for an education most of them don’t even have the academic tools to even earn, and most never do obtain.

Deceit at play, yes. Deception at work …of course, but who or what allows this all to unfold …?

Try apathetic uninterested spectators who don’t care if their gladiators can read and write. Like voters, fans too have a similar governor type role – to check greed and balance power within college and professional sports.

The everyday American is suppose to keep an eye on the entire political/economical/social system — keep these slicksters honest by regulating the foxes in the hen-house.

Half the time, when we do participate — it’s not a knowledgeable, informed, enlighten exercise. We tend to vote against our best interest. We’ve consistently voted for political prostitutes who work for the Rockafellahs, not the Flintsones or Rubbles.

Aristocrats who will send your child to the front line, while they send their’s to the back-of-the-line.

Between sportsfans and voting age citizens, we’ve allowed politicians and business men do whatever it takes to keep themselves fat and happy, by keeping us in the stadiums and stores, spending our hard earned national average salary of $37’000.22 every 365 days.

Hell, we see the debauchery they’ll go to keep us in our cars driving between the malls, spending ten bucks a gallon on petrol, with no home to go to between foreclosures and credit crunches.

In the name of profit, they won’t bat an eye when they send our young overseas somewhere to police the world for President Cheney’s Haliburton outfit , assist in their quest to expand the empire.

Call them fatcats, robber-barons, aristocrats or elitist – whatever derogatory tail you want to pin on the jackass…. these SOBs’ power – is derived thru John Q. and Ray-Ray J. Public.

In other words, these folks who control what the general public can see and hear…..they work for you. Be it Goodell, Bush or who ever, they’re accountable to more than just the cartels they front.

As Americans, we seem to have forgotten we, the little man, aren’t suppose to place people on pedestals because of their power, talent or fame. No man or women is better because of what they own.

Be that a small country or a great big Cadillac….even an gold platted, gem studded Escalade….

Sports fans have the power to…. voice their displeasure with the male soap-oprah their addicted to. They can choose to not participate, not watch, not show-up to games, and not buy any of the sports merchandise.

Fans can exercise certain options, such as boycotting the game, the team, the player. Send that message which owners understand – we ain’t paying for traveling carnival-like honesty.

Seriously, as a lifelong fan of the NFL, I’ve can’t help but wonder if the Patriots championships were won in Harlem Globetrotter fashion. Was the game fixed, already decided?

But I understand, I’m not able to grasp the complexities and nuances of either club house or White House shenanigans. I’m also suppose to believe the five Black head coaches in the league – represent the only ones who’re deserving and qualified.

Can our blindness be as simple as; names, titles, honors, college degrees, military rank, where one lives or goes to school, i.e., societal credentials – do not bestow upon a lettered person some untouchable and unquestionable status which renders certain folk above and beyond reproach.

Somewhere along the road, we, the little people, have forgotten that in life, you’re not likely going to be robbed by a baggy-pants-wearing thug at night, with a gun, but rather you’ll be both screwed and conned, had your pockets emptied and your intelligence questioned numerous times in your life…. by some guy in a two-thousand dollar Italian suit, some crocodile loafers, driving a Benz, office in uptown/downtown midtown….

You get the picture. Everybody’s you-know-what-stinks.

Doctor’s cheat on their husbands just like Bus drivers cheat on their wives. Engineers slap their kids just like car mechanics do. Architects lie to their boss, just like the grocery store clerk does.

Heads-of-State snort cocain just like lawyers do, like computer chip makers do. Believe it or not, people with alphabet soups attached to their manes, like CEO, Phd, MD, AD steal from the poor to give to their rich associates, just like gangsters and hustlers do.

And we, as Americans, in a nation which was formed out of disgust with royalty and ass kissing, ought not loose site of that fact.