Straight No Chaser: Ball of Confusion

By Desi Cortez
Updated: July 13, 2008

DENVER — Most people, off of work for a few weeks or, in Tiger Woods’ case months, find themselves doing a great deal of reading. Maybe sitting in-front of the idiot box, watching 24 hour corporate news. I wonder if Tiger is doing a great deal of reading as he rehab’s that billion dollar knee?

Maybe, just maybe he’s finding the headlines packed full of Presidential Politics. If he’s pulling a book off the New York Times Best Sellers list– he can’t help but be caught up in Presidential politics, national issues and global affairs– the man does not live on a separate, private planet. He is, believe it or not… of this world. If Wall Street turns into Fenced Dirt Road, Tiger will feel it.

Mr. Woods cant help but see the nation is on the verge of ….something big, of the Cecil B. Demills’s epic Hollywood extravaganza variety. It seems indisputable we’re moving towards some inevitable confrontations and climaxes.

This world, that he is of…. is a Ball of Confusion.

Temptations sing…

Well, the only person talking about love thy brother is the…preacher.

And it seems nobody’s interested in learning but the…teacher.

Segregation, determination, demonstration, integration, aggravation, humiliation, obligation to our nation.

Ball of confusion. Oh yeah, that’s what the world is today. Woo, hey, hey.

Maybe this Stanford educated icon can solve the problem;one politician andone oil speculator equal 250 million people, most Americans–one paycheck from Grapes of Wrath type depression.

This is a smart man, an educated man, he has to realize the importance of this election, and the public role an individual of his stature could and should play in motivating and mobilizing millions of people, in bringing about concrete change.

Maybe, like millions of Americans, he’s ready to ride the Obama Express?

I might be wrong here, but I believe Tiger’s apparent reluctance to be apart of this election has to reflect either his elitist value system or his absolute ignorance. Even if but for greed, this cat must be disgusted with Wall Street. His millions can’t all be invested in oil, military suppler stocks? He can’t be satisfied with the way this country is headed?

Maybe, like Dick Cheney, Tiger is a citizen of Dubia….?

The sale of pills are at an all time high.

Young folks walking round with their heads in the sky.

The cities ablaze in the summer time.

And oh, the beat goes on.

Or, can it be, this fellah doesn’t feel like you and I feel; it doesn’t hurt to fill-up the Benz SUV or whatever the top of the line is, because …. Tiger doesn’t fil-up; the driver or the mechanic, or perhaps the fleet controller… AJ Foyt oversee’s his vehicle operations. One can only imagine.

Tiger, based on his silence, must be clueless to the horrific prices at the grocery store. He doesn’t shop at Ralphs, Alberstons, King Soopers are Pggly-Wiggly, nor does his wife…Hazel the maid, or Mr French does, and they go to Whole foods for everything. And even if they did, my God, The Woods’s Titanium/Uranium American Express Debit Card…does not have a credit limit!

Face it, Tiger kicks it like Senator McCain and his trophy millionairess kick it …. oblivious to the ills and woes of the unwashed masses, unaware that a loaf of Romans Meal Bread… is get this, like almost 4 bucks a loaf, Ovaltine….get this $4.99, can you believe that, get the ….outta’ here…!

I may be off-base here, I understand Tiger has charities, foundations, heal’s the sick, raises the dead in his spare time, nevertheless, standing with Obama means getting your hands dirty, it’s a little risky. Ask Michelle Obama and her children. They get “die- nigger-die” letters every day. .

I guess Tiger doesn’t want to take that chance. But I thought, to whom much is given… much is expected. Oh yeah, I heard Mrs. Obama site that little adage in a interview, as to why they were risking their lives, to make a better world.

Evolution, revolution, gun control, sound of soul.

Shooting rockets to the moon, kids growing up too soon.

Politicians say more taxes will solve everything

OK, so even if, given the benefit-of-the-doubt… if Tiger’s not clueless, then what is he? So calculating, so fearful of offending his country club cartel – that, if he does support Obama, it’s behind the scenes?

That would be somewhat spineless and Gumby-like, but nonetheless – sadly acceptable. But, with the cash the Senator is raising, money is secondary. And, with the ten’s of millions Tiger brings in annually, the risk of offending his customers/fans ought not weigh that heavy in his assessment of the financial risks, as opposed to the social gains.

Can you say “duty” or “obligation?” Tiger can’t. Do you understand the concept of someone drinking from a well, they didn’t dig? Tiger doesn’t.

There’s no excuses, no reasons which can justify or rationalize why Tiger’s not offering his services to the Obama camp. We should see Mr. Woods offering Oprah like support. Visible support. I’m starting to wonder if this guys got anything in his pockets but golf balls. Where are his balls? Where’s his heart? And perhaps more importantly– where’s his head?

Here’s what for real; he’d be making a symbolic gesture to all the little people– despite his Elvis/Michael Jackson like status– he still gets it. I want this man to show the world…. he get’s it. He hasn’t completely lost touch with the masses as Michael Jordan has, who’s also absent in this critical arena of politics. And these ….jocks call themselves heroes and gladiators.

Rafer Johnson the Olympian, along with Fearsome Foursome cornerstone, Rosie Greer provided Robert F. Kennedy with security doing his fateful run for President in 1968. They are heroes. Where’s that conviction, interest and commitment from today’s Afro-American Sportsman.

Tiger’s not interested in supporting Obama, in public, nor or any 08′ Olympians. These dudes have overcome, and moved the ….on. And note, nobody’s asking them to take a bullet, that’s what the Secret Service is there for, all we want these talented folks to do is wave and smile.

A simple quick suggestion, Tiger should rent out the Augusta Country Club, where the Augusta Master’s is held every year, hold a Obama fund-raiser…. Tiger could sign golf balls, auction-off his dinner fork and his Nike underwear.

That would be a spectacle, a Kodak moment worth a million words. I’m positive, and I’m sure you are too… the Augusta folks would happily accommodate the affair.

Fear in the air, tension everywhere.

Unemployment rising fast, the Beatles new record’s a gas.

And the only safe place to live … is on an Indian reservation.

That’s a thought, no, not moving to an Indian reservation, at least not yet. But, I think I’ll give them a call down in Dixie, see if the Augusta ballroom, (grand of course), is open for one of the up-coming evenings, I’m not too, too particular.

I’ll let the Obama folks know here in Colorado, have them pass it on to the top, and I’ll e-mail Tiger’s…. Empire, see if Tiger has a free moment, and if so, would he host a fund raiser for Obama down at Augusta. I’m sure all parties are willing.

Guess what? You know, I ain’t holding my breath….. But I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Eve of destruction, tax deduction, city inspectors, bill collectors,

Mod clothes in demand, population out of hand, suicide, too many bills,

Hippies moving to the hills.

People all over the world are shouting, ‘End the war.’

And the band played on.