Smith & Carlos It’s War

Updated: July 13, 2008

SMITH & CARLOS It's War Smith and Carlos ” I’LL CUT YOUR THROAT ”

Just in time for the Olympics

bringing them renewed attention

because it’s like 1968 once again

Tommie Smith and John Carlos

have declared WAR on

each other NO not

officially …

Call it an undeclared WAR if you like but these TWO who have a place in history far more for their singular act of Defiance in Olympic history – than for their considerable athletic talents – are at each other’s throats with very different accounts of the 1968 Olympics and with animosity heightened with each accusing the other of preventing what each hoped would be a lucrative film deal about them and their protest. To cement their place in History.

What this is really about is the vagaries of the Human Condition and specifically given enough time and almost any relationship is bound to FALL apart. Also throw in that “oldness” seems to breed MEANINGLESS rather than harmony in humans’ waning years. Sure we’ll give you the Particulars so you have more to read but who cares its all BS from a cosmic perspective. Ours.

And what is most important here is way beyond Smith and Carlos today as breathing humans. THEY ARE SYMBOLS most of all and their squabbling is MEANINGLESS in that context. It is the contrast between their action in Mexico City and the sheepish behavior ALL athletes will display in Beijing. This Summer Olympics should be all about PROTEST. Every Medal Winner should get up on the Medals Stand and raise their FIST into the Air or some other equally defiant gesture to PROTEST the world’s biggest DICTATORSHIP is using the Olympics and Athletes to enhance its CONTROL over its citizens both psychologically and physically.

The so called Chinese leader is hailed for the tremendous economic advances in China. He is a PUNK nothing but at two-bit PUNK in a business suit conning the world. Not that George Bush doesn’t admire him. Bush practically WORSHIPS him and will kiss his REAR end at the Opening Ceremonies. If it were totally up to Bush-Cheney they’d replace America’s very flawed democracy with the Chinese model of TOTALITARIAN CONTROL.

The best that could come of this Olympics but NEVER will would be for millions of Chinese to RISE up in protest and surround all the Olympic venues DEMANDING a legitimate government, real elections rather than none at all, and personal freedoms. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this very carefully planned Olympics by these Chinese Oppressors turned into a revolution that toppled all of them from Power. It won’t happen especially since American and world wide corporations are in bed it them. But we can Dream the GOOD dream.

You know what we aren’t going

to bother giving you the details of

Tommie Smith’s and John Carlos’

FEUD it is meaningless BS their

only importance rests on ONE

unique moment at the 1968

Olympics let it remind us how

DOCILE we are that in 2008

all the Athletes will act like

mindless SHEEP in Beijing

that is our pathetic Legacy