Smart African American Brandon Jennings Refuses NBA/NCAA Sucker Deal

Updated: July 20, 2008


Turns out Brandon Jennings

is nobody’s FOOL unlike

other talented young

Basketball Players

BRANDON IS GOING TO ITALY to serve out his BS “penalty” year that he must wait after finishing High School before entering the NBA Draft. Occasionally ONLY occasionally the Air Bags like NBA Commissioner David Stern and NCAA President Myles Brand run across someone who knows what everyone should know – they are SMARTER than these two money grubbing Big Wigs who never run out of ways to make more $$$$$.

Stern and Brand thought they had come up with a “brilliant” (sic) plan to better CONTROL young players show them who is BOSS while bringing Big Time NCAA colleges a NEW windfall of dollars. STOP the very talented high school players who would qualify easily for the NBA Draft right out of high school – PREVENT them from doing so with the NEW NBA rule that any high school graduate must wait ONE year before they qualify for the NBA Draft.

WHY. Listen to this Garbage from NBA Commissioner Stern who in effect stated that by going to college for ONE year first the NBA would be doing a wonderful thing for the development of these young boys allowing them to spend a year in college first. RIGHT IF YOU BELIEVE THAT ONE want to buy this dead horse cheap…..

Of course the REAL reason was to further enhance the business PARTNERSHIP between the NBA and the NCAA. The NCAA was increasingly worried if too many outstanding basketball players went straight to the NBA from high school their big pot of GOLD was being jeopardized. The BILLION dollar college basketball industry could see its PROFITS shrink.

Wait a second aren’t we talking about institutions of HIGHER learning here NOT for profit businesses. RIGHT again how about that dead horse want it ? Back to reality. Preventing players from going straight into the NBA would really not cost the NBA anything and they sure were not going to be crazy enough to make these players wait three or four years like they do in football.

But still the one year ban would make the NBA look good caring about these young men while really giving a fat GIFT to the top NCAA colleges. FABULOUS players indeed the best in the Land who previously they never got their hands on any more. Like LeBron James. They would get them ALL for a year. Specifically until the college that “recruited” them got as far as it would in the NCAA Championships in March then that player would disappear.

In effect it is the BIGGEST SCAM

of all in College Sports

These young basketball players are students in name only completely. They have NO interest in a college education. They pay NO attention to classes or college life they are ONLY there to play basketball for FREE for a season waiting for the NBA Draft. It should be illegal it is definitely a VIOLATION of the codes under which colleges and the NCAA supposedly operate. But since we all know everything is really only about POWER it doesn’t matter of course.

now FINALLY let us introduce

Smart Brandon Jennings who

saw through the SCAM and

realized how to BEAT it

Rather than playing here for NOTHING as a PHONY college student talented young Brandon Jennings who might be the best prospect in the nation has signed with a professional European team for a year in his case in Italy for a season and will be well PAID for his services. In addition far better than playing college ball here he will experience professional basketball and how it operates rather than the pampered convoluted version in the NCAA. SO HERE S THE DELICIOUS PROBLEM FOR STERN AND BRAND.

Of course more and more of these talented young players will finally WAKE up now that Brandon Jennings hs led the way. Before long expect ALL of these one year wonders to head to Europe for a season to make some nice money for themselves, develop their skills better than at a college, see the world and be part of a professional team BEFORE joining the NBA.

What a dilemma for Stern and Brand

their scheme has come back to BITE them

WHAT WILL THEY DO ?? Probably nothing because they can’t. REQUIRING that these high school students must use their year “off” to play for an NCAA college is so ILLEGAL even the bought and paid for U.S. Federal Judges all Sports loving college alumni themselves who bend over for the NCAA and the professional leagues – will still not be able to find a reason in law why the NBA and NCAA can FORCE young men to play ONE year of college ball.

In fact its even WORSE than that for the NBA and NCAA especially the NBA. With Basketball enjoying so much popularity in Europe some of these young players will be very tempted to stay there some clubs offering them HUGE salaries to do so.

Of course another result will be the NBA teams will have to offer these players MORE than they would otherwise in many cases to give up European ball for the National Basketball Association. In fact many of them will enter the Draft then start a bidding war between the NBA team and their European team. Undermining the very reason the Draft was crested to prevent players from playing one NBA team off against another. Now they can accomplish the same goal playing the NBA team that drafts them off against the European team they play for.


it just gets better and better and

WORSE for Stern & Brand

Other high school graduates who might not be of interest to the NBA Draft right out of high school will increasingly say to themselves WAIT A MINUTE why am I going to play for FREE for some NCAA college I have no interest in for 3 or 4 years when I can get PAID to play in Europe, see a higher quality basketball than in many colleges, and make myself even more attractive to NBA teams when I do enter the Draft.

SQUIRM David Stern

SQUIRM Myles Brand

it could NOT happen to

two “nicer” (sic) guys

this is something even

the Joker would enjoy