Randolph’s Bad Luck Mets Soar

Updated: July 12, 2008

RANDOLPH’S bad LUCK METS SOAR William Randolph ” WHY ME ”

Willie Randolph is

a VICTIM don’t

even try to argue


The New York Mets have proven it in spectacular fashion especially the last 8 games their 8 game WINNING streak topped off with back to back shut-outs Friday and Saturday beating Colorado on a ONE hitter that they were an UNDER performing team earlier this season. As of late Saturday after Philadelphia’s loss they are 1/2 game out of First Place.

They could be there

at the All Star break

The fact that the Mets renaissance coincides with Willie Randolph’s FIRING does not prove at all Willie was the problem. THAT IS PREPOSTEROUS. All it proves is that if the Mets did not perform so miserably in the days prior to his FIRING today Willie Randolph would be hailed for his Greatness in turning the team around.

You have got to be kidding if you think replacing Randolph with his bench coach who had been there with the team during those same DARK days that axing Randolph for Jerry Manuel is the reason. For that absurdity to have credibility whether they understand this or not ….

Anyone arguing that the Mets are playing far better because Jerry Manuel is the manager is in fact arguing that the Mets players ALL of them purposely played poorly actively tried to lose games because Willie Randolph was Manager.

Let’s take two pitchers as examples Pedro Martinez who had been pathetic in his limited appearances this season in his last two Starts last Monday and yesterday Saturday has his two BEST outings this season and longer. Is that because Willie Randolph is gone. How about Billy Wagner who was blowing game after game in the 9th inning in the last weeks of Willie’s reign is now winning every contest. Even the one recent game in which he gave up a 9th inning HomeRun to tie the game with Willie GONE the Mets came back to win in Extra Innings. WHY. Because Willie Randolph wasn’t there ???

Then there is David Wright and Jose Reyes and a long list of other Mets Bats that have been booming the last two weeks with Randolph GONE. Is that the reason why so many players are playing so much better now. Willie Randolph was FIRED. No way.

We return to the book “The Black Swan” a best selling book about a long standing theory that the unexpected, that which we would not predict happens far more often than we admit to ourselves. For NO logical reason. It is simply a reflection of the reality of Life on Planet Earth. It is the way things work here for better or WORSE.

The unexpected happens again and again and again. Or put another way Willie Randolph is the victim of BAD luck and Jerry Manuel the beneficiary of GOOD luck both for the very same reason. The Mets were under-performing and for no particular reason EXCEPT that they were over-due the Mets began playing up to their statistical potential COINCIDENTALLY just when Willie Randolph was fired.

Had the turn around happened a week earlier which it just as “logically” might Randolph would NOT have lost his job and today after Saturday’s BIG victory in the Sunday’s papers Willie Randolph’s beaming face would be pictured large on the back page of the New York Daily News and New York Post with accompanying articles HAILING him for bringing the Mets through a very rough period but NEVER giving up on the Team.

Instead Willie is forced

to hide out in his NJ

home made to feel

like a LOSER who

is the one reason the

Mets were losing

because he was

Manager life

and Baseball

very Unfair