Putting The ‘D’ In Drama

By Gregory Moore
Updated: July 15, 2008

SAN ANTONIO — Good grief, what is the sports world coming to these days.

Where was all this drama months ago when the writer’s strike had everyone’s favorite television shows on suspended hiatus? Man, those guys really could have used this surreal soap opera known as “As We Wait On Brett’s Return”.

Dang, this is just way too ridiculous to even be on the comedy circuit. But what do you expect from someone who can’t make his mind up, who has jerked an organization around for weeks and then when that organization has finally said ‘enough’, he runs back trying to save face.

Seriously, why should the Green Bay Packers even give credence to Favre coming back even as a back up to Aaron Rodgers? Think about it for a minute. What kind of courtesy has Favre shown Rogers, a man who has to replace this now legend who is becoming a legendary diva on the NFL circuit?

That’s the thought process that Packers fans should have but the majority of them are far too myopic to see that bit of logic.

What Favre is looking for is some twisted semblance of loyalty from the Packers and yet he has not shown a bit of courtesy and respect, common threads for someone who is looking for loyalty, to Rogers and the organization.

Loyalty is something that you earn but it also something that can be snatched away at a moment’s notice.

The only person that Favre is thinking about is himself. He doesn’t want anything to do with the Packers. He doesn’t want to see Rogers succeed either.

But you can’t tell that to the hundreds of fans who showed up at Lambeau Field this past Sunday in a show of support.

Remember what I said about myopic fans? Scratch that. Let’s say legally blind fans.

In Milwaukee there are two brothers who believe that if they get Favre fans to their event, it would be persuasive enough to the team. Notice what was said here; Favre fans.

Every message board or blog for the most part heaped mounds of praise on Favre but they had no love for what Rogers was going through. That’s tragic for a city like Green Bay who owns the Packers.

There are 100,000 shareholders of that team and instead of these “owners” looking at their future, they are stuck in their past.

Oh, how the great diva known as Brett Favre has gotten them all fooled.

These owners and fans of Favre are willing to mortgage their future with a wishy washy, selfish individual like Favre instead of banking on what could be something different but maybe one day equally great in Rodgers.

To Favre fans, Rodgers isn’t the man.

That’s too bad because if I understand his contract correctly, Rodgers could be looking for a fresh start in a couple of years and because Favre is dangling the franchise over a cliff, his own growth as a player is being threatened.

Oh yeah, the great Brett Favre is all about team….NOT!

The Packers need to let Favre stew on the bench this season. Trade or release would be too good for him.

He has disrespected a young man who had looked up to him when he was just a rookie and now he sees that same man keeping an opportunity from being his reality.

That’s not the makings of a legend; that’s the maniacal ramblings of a selfish individual.

It’s time to turn the page on No. 4 and if that means he has to sit behind Rogers and two other quarterbacks, oh well.

It’s the price you pay for being a diva sometimes.