Our Ode To The Williams Sisters

Updated: July 5, 2008



NO need for them

to vote for Barack

Venus and Serena

better than him or


ALL HAIL VENUS AND SERENA WILLIAMS. Now not only the Queens of Tennis but all Sports. With this Wimbledon Final plus their Doubles Championship later Saturday they have now transcended all that they have done before. ALL HAIL the Williams Sisters.


More so that it was 5 years ago exactly that they last met for the Finals at Wimbledon and NO one NO one who is aware of their Travails since would have ever conceived that NOW FIVE years later they are more dominant than ever, more secure in their Status.

Much more than the injuries which were all more or less attributed to the wear and tear and their “aging” and definite signs of their permanent decline. Much more were the very clear signs they had lost their focus and interest. Even more devastating. Fashion, acting, relaxing, doing good, seemed to take precedence for both of them. On top of that a ferocious new generation of teenage women prodigies were rising stronger and faster than any before.

There was NO doubt

The Williams Sisters neither Venus or Serena would ever “be themselves again.” Then slowly almost without notice they got healthier again. Even more they both seemed more focused on Tennis than their other pursuits. And most of all they began winning again each unexpectedly earlier in Grand Slams. Serena in Australia and Venus again last year at Wimbledon.

But there was still no doubt it was highly HIGHLY unlikely both let alone either would ever be dominant enough together to reach the Finals in A Grand Slam the way they did at Wimbledon this year and play each other as they had so often in that “distant” past when supposedly both were in their prime. Let’s also add that back 5 and 6 years ago it was conventional wisdom every where that Younger Sister Serena had permanently surpassed Older Sister Venus for good younger and stronger. Really ?? That was conventional “wisdom.”

Well watching them compete this Saturday for the Wimbledon Championship proved the most extraordinary moment yet in their Fabulous Brilliant careers. And of course once again something truly unique in the annals of the history of Sports not just Tennis.

Two siblings vying for the CHAMPIONSHIP against each other. With one parent their mother in the Stands equally happy and sad. Sad that one of her daughter’s would be defeated. LOSE the Championship of the greatest tennis tournament of them all.

Dad couldn’t even bear to be there. Or so he said. Is there a sub-plot ? He headed to the airport and home to Florida once it was certain Venus and Serena would play each other. Consumed by the same emotions as their mother who chose to stay as mothers tend to do.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. Only in Tennis do we have a Sport in which there are two major championships at once. Both Singles and Doubles. And for the Williams Sisters later Saturday the surreal opportunity to play TOGETHER to win another Championship the same day. Needles to say CRUSHING their opponents winning TWO sets to none.

Having won the Doubles and Venus winning the Singles Championship without even losing a single set over the two weeks and Serena the same until she met her “match” in Venus. Likewise the other compelling fact that there would have been no one surprised if the opposite had happened. Had Serena dominated Venus and won the Championship.

Other than the sheer enjoyment

and the uniqueness of the

moment is there any

lesson here for all

of us YES that

life is often far

different than

it appears and

it can change

for us in many


ways again

and again

Venus & Serena

are the BEST