Olympic Apartheid In South Africa

Updated: July 29, 2008


Only 10 more days until

Beijing’s DON’T Breathe

DON’T Protest Olympics

Rumor is the Chinese government may send up to 1 Billion Chinese on forced vacation OUT of the country for the next four weeks hoping if they close enough factories and get enough vehicles off their roads the Olympic athletes might not all pass out from the Pollution.

But that’s not what we are here today to inform you about. Rather that yes APARTHEID is still alive and well well well in control of the South Africa Olympic team. Dear Nelson Manilla WHAT is still going on here in 2008. It’s HEATING up as Beijing 2008 draws near.

It appears just like the rest of the world South Africa has “mastered” (sic) the art of BUREAUCRACY there are THREE major players and God knows how many others when it comes to Olympic Sports and Athletes in South Africa. At the head of the pack we have the South African Parliament’s Sports Committee and also South African Sports Federation and the South African Olympic Committee pitted against them as you will see.

This week as the “joy” of the upcoming Olympics took hold in South Africa verbal fists are flying as related is Sports Illustrated,” The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic committee boycotted a meeting of parliament’s sports committee Tuesday after a senior lawmaker said it was dominated by “whites and Indians” at the expense of the black majority.”

Followed by this ….

” Olympic committee chairman Moss Mashishi – who is Black – said this description was “racist, derogatory and utterly repugnant.” But ruling African National Congress lawmakers were outraged at the no-show and likened it to anarchy.”

So here is the Story Racism, Anarchy and the Olympics in South Africa. Here are some facts while South AFRICANS have been able to increasingly represent their country in the “traditional” (sic) Black Sports and beyond the Olympics even Rugby and Cricket when it comes to the Olympic Sports of Cycling, Swimming and Equestrian among others the South African teams are as so very WHITE as in the ” good OLD days” when Whites in South Africa were all Powerful and Africans lived in Slavery in or out of in Prison.

There is more …

” Parliamentary sports committee chairman Butana Komphela said in an interview earlier this month with the Mail and Guardian newspaper that the Olympic committee was “full of whites and Indians who don’t understand transformation and lack vision. We are not going to abandon black people who are at the rock bottom,” Komphela said. “And I’m not ashamed to say black people in this country are on the receiving end; it is time for us to talk about transformation.”

The SI article states,” Whites, who account for about 10 percent of the population, are still the wealthiest group in South Africa. They attend schools with proper sports facilities and have access to equipment and training that poor black children don’t. Thus, most South African swimmers are white because many black children can’t afford to join private health centers only swim in summer at public outdoor pools.”

SOUND FAMILIAR “Thus, most South African swimmers are WHITE because many BLACK children can’t afford to join private health centers only swim in summer at public outdoor pools.” Gee no one is discriminating against young Black athletes. It’s their fault they are kept too POOR to afford to play these Sports. WAIT A SECOND . Are we talking about the United States or South Africa ??? YES INDEED IN FACT BOTH.

Please add the Olympic Fencing Team to this List. There is one Black fencer on the South African team. That may be ONE more than on the American Olympic Fencing team.

So look for the South African team

at the Olympics in Beijing that’s IF

you can see anything at all through

China’s SMOG and if the events

can even take place if the pollution

is too heavy and gets even worse

and see what you think and IF

you can see any difference

between the Color of

South African and American

athletes in most Sports call it

shared APARTHEID in Sports