Is It True Floyd Mayweather First Black Athlete $$Billionaire$$

Updated: July 4, 2008



It all depends whether

or NOT you believe

Floyd Mayweather

In what is called “his first interview since retirement” Mayweather sure says so. To be completely accurate he says he will be a Billionaire by the end of 2008. Within 6 months. In time for Christmas. Good timing Floyd. But if you believe Mayweather he is not waiting not at all to buy himself some impressive gifts. Like …..

$26,000,000 jet

$18,500,000 Las Vegas home

$11,000,000 Miami home

$20,000,000 yacht

Move OVER Tiger. IF true Floyd has beaten Tiger Woods to the Promised Land. Technically of course Tiger would disagree in that he is NOT African American. For purposes of this Box Tiger we will call you what you are AFRICAN American. Be you an African American DENIER.

But that’s all you’ll hear about Tiger today. This Box is about OUR friend Floyd Mayweather the BILLIONAIRE. Actually let us contradict that statement. The Wall Street Journal recently published its list of the 10 GREATEST Athletes alive today. Floyd Mayweather is listed at number THREE in the world. Tiger is NOT on the List. What a slam. POW.

Anyway we’re getting ready to go watch what is or is not the biggest July 4th fireworks display in the nation. And our boss is off on his yacht he named Chicken Wings. Don’t ask. What we’re going to do is use our well developed technique …..

…….. of quoting extensively from somebody else’s article so we don’t miss the July 4th fireworks spectacular. NO we won’t be on Mayweather’s yacht or the Boss’s. In this case quoting from a Website “everything Michigan” which claims Mayweather’s first post-retirement interview. Their reporter David Mayo one-on-one with Floyd Mayweather ….

Quote #1

“I’ve been telling you for the longest that I’m getting tired,” Mayweather said Friday, four weeks after he announced his retirement via a June 6 press release. “There’s nothing more to be done.”

Quote #2

“I was truly, truly blessed to have good people around me and I was smart during my career,” he said. “I made great investments. By the end of this year, I should be a billionaire.”

Quote #3

“I’ve noticed it for a long time but I couldn’t say anything because I had to do business with them. I’ll still do business with them, but I’m done holding my tongue. I think HBO is great. But their announcers are full of (expletive).”

Quote #4

“I’m through,” he said. “Once I tell people I’m through, I’m through. People say, ‘Oh, he retired and came back, after the De La Hoya fight.’ I didn’t retire and come back. I just fought one more fight, against Ricky Hatton. And as soon as I beat him, it was, ‘What about this guy?’ and ‘What about that guy?’ It’s never good enough. Some boxing people weren’t going to be happy until I take a loss, and that’s not ever going to happen. I achieved all I wanted to achieve.”

“When I’m 50 or 60, I want to be able to know my kids, and I want them to know me. I want all five senses to be sharp, sharp as a razor. I want to be able to live my life. That’s one thing I’ll say about my father, he gets around real, real good. My mother gets around real, real good. I want to be like that.”

Quote #5

“You saw, at the age of 16, going to the National Golden Gloves after just 15 junior fights, and winning the national championship,” he said. “Then, people said I couldn’t do it again without my father, and I did it again the next year, at 112 pounds, without my father. Then, I jumped straight to 125 pounds, won three national championships, went to the Olympics, took a controversial loss, went pro, won world championships in five weight divisions. I made the impossible possible.”

Just one more thing

as the world’s first

Black Athlete Billionaire

Floyd how about investing

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