Global Opportunities

Updated: July 26, 2008


As the sun sets on the

American EMPIRE and

we turn into a pathetic

military bully trying to

subjugate Iraq, Iran and

Pakistan + Afghanistan

the rest of the world

looks upon us as


Americans DIE


BILLIONS and then

BILLIONS more while

destroying the lives of

MILLIONS here there

and all over the place

OPPORTUNITY IS arising for AFRICAN American athletes worldwide as the rest of the world WAKES up and refuses to play follow the leader any more when we have “leaders” like George Bush and Barack Obama who sad to say may turn out to be a Black Bush CLONE. Definitely a Hypocrite and Worshipper of Money, the Rich and most of all the Status Quo.

What are we talking about ? As usual The Truth. Just as in the last few days the Box presented the separate stories of Brandon Jennings the high school prodigy and young NBA veteran Josh Childress both heading to EUROPE to play professional Basketball.

Jennings to Italy and Childress To Greece

Now comes the story in the Wall Street Journal that even the most poplar Sport far and away in Europe and worldwide which they call Football and we call Soccer is aggressively recruiting talent in the United States. Now that is not specifically a good message for young African Americans so few play Soccer while virtually every WHITE kid in the U.S. does.

What it is is another OPPORTUNITY for young African Americans and their parents. PLAY SOCCER even if the White Establishment does NOTHING to encourage Black kids to play Soccer and virtually NO African American grammar and high schools offer Soccer while every WHITE grammar and high school even kindergartens have well funded Soccer programs.

Europe and Asia and the rest of he world is no longer BOWING to America as this country descends to mediocrity at best with mindless “leaders” and corrupt markets and ever more GREEDY business elites. As we write in the Box again and again and again you cannot separate Sports from the rest of Life it is an integral component. Sports is Life.

Turning to the WSJ article

” Europe’s Top Soccer Clubs Are Flocking To Recruit U.S. Kids”

” In their view, the U.S. system of developing players is broken. It’s oriented around affluent, suburban teams supported by parents and run by amateurs. They are puzzled by the emphasis on winning trophies and the insistence on “Americanized” game rules, like unlimited substitutions, that are unheard of in the rest of the world.”

” The Europeans, who believe in teaching core skills above all else, are also determined to look for talent in the sorts of underprivileged neighborhoods that cultivate superstars throughout most of the world but have been largely ignored by the American system. “There’s lots of soccer moms and dads here but they can only take the kids so far,” says Tony Farrell, a coach at Everton’s youth academy in Liverpool who has worked with numerous American teams.”

THE POINT IS what European clubs are most interested in is RAW talent that can benefit from the far more sophisticated European soccer system. IF YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND just as Europe regularly looks for and finds talent in AFRICA if AFRICAN American kids start playing Soccer in greater numbers it is inevitable all these MAJOR European teams scouting America for talent will delight in African American kids who play Soccer.

So while America SINKS

into the pollution and mediocrity

as the sun SETS over USA

there is a BIG world out there

emerging as equals or better

and SPORTS is one area

where African Americans

can find Opportunity