Glenn Dorsey #175,000 Per Pound At What Cost

Updated: July 27, 2008


It pays to be 300 lbs.

if you’re Glenn Dorsey

financially even IF it

does nothing for your

LIFE expectancy

The Kansas City Chiefs certainly think so. They just agreed to pay the Rookie Defensive Tackle $51,000,000 for the next 5 years. MORE money than any defensive lineman has ever received in the entire history of Football. It comes to a WHOOPING $175,000 per each of his 300 lbs. to make the point. That’s a whole lot more than for a lb. of JUMBO shrimp. Maybe.

Granted it’s a “typical” NFL contract in which the amount is almost always deceptive. $51,000,000 is the best case scenario if he plays for KC for all 5 years and hits various markers. But don’t cry for Glenn he is GUARANTEED $21,000,000 no matter what. He can live with that.

Kansas City Chiefs are calling themselves the youngest team in the NFL in 2008 and certainly Dorsey adds to that image at 23 on August 1st. The LSU All American was #5 choice in the first round of April’s 2008 NFL Draft. Signing for MEGA bucks confirms again the ever increasing sophistication of strategy in Sports whether or not it changes the results all that much.

Positions like Dorsey’s Defensive Tackle are getting more attention than they ever have for their impact on the flow and the outcome of close games even if the fans and the TV cameras don’t give them their due. In close games a few more Tackles than the norm and the value of the best Defensive Tackles in breaking up the rhythm of Offense plays again and again has always been true but in an age of college educated coaches and brass and with more and more reams of statistical data to analyze each game ALL positions are getting more attention.

The problem for line players on both sides of the ball is that SIZE counts BIG time. Teams are convinced HUGE means good and since they keep drafting HUGE line players it becomes one more self fulfilling issue. With each passing Draft it becomes virtually impossible to get taken seriously as a line player if you are NOT 300 lbs and MORE than 300 lbs. is better.

In the case of Glenn Dorsey he is “only” 300 lbs. but his skills and his speed allow him to command the Big Bucks anyway. Now had he been that good and 350 lbs. who knows Kansas City might have been willing to pay him $100 Million for the next 5 years.

But this weight “requirement” with some linemen pushing 370 lbs or more, and the day of the 400 lb. lineman probably on its way is a Faustian bargain for the players involved because you can’t be that oh so FAT that’s right the word is FAT very FAT without causing yourself all kinds of health problems, a diminished life style and an earlier death all issues these players would not face if they were 100 lbs lighter. But IF they were 100 lbs lighter none of them would be playing in the NFL or in college for that matter not on the Line and making lots of Dough.

imagine Glenn Dorsey

minus 100 lbs. of FAT

only 200 lbs. fit as can be

at his height and weight

admired for his physique

and fast on his feet with

very healthy heart and body

but $51,000,000 poorer

Dorsey made his choice

his Faustian bargain so

enjoy the money & fame

and all the health problems

that come with the Deal